Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mid May Check In

WOW what a couple weeks this has been.  Interviewing several people for Chips new home...she did most of the interviewing not me lol.  I finally had a really good feeling about her last home and after some talk on Chips part she kinda danced around a little for the lady, settled down a bit and barked again, but at least the lady understood it was all new for her and there would be an adjustment period.  Already shopped for her new baby girl before picking her up so she came with total intentions of taking her home.  She will travel back and forth from Denver to Helena.  I think they will make companions for each other:)  I had a rough time sleeping last night with it her first night gone.  My 5lbs of craziness wasn't snuggled up against me under the has been much harder to let her go than I imagined it would be.

Still awaiting visual proof that Paige is pregnant, but she is a little chunkier than normal so still going with we should have babies here in the next month:)

Carl has been pretty sick the past year off and on but never getting really completely well.  Finally got him to see a dr. and that one visit spiraled into other drs and labwork...awaiting final tests on this last round tomorrow.

Kids are great, middle complaining it is too know all of 75 degrees here in MT..though I suppose it can be considered rather on the warm side when our temps cant make up its mind one day to the next if it is going to rain, shine or snow...calling for snow next Monday...flipping end of May...I will NOT do another snowy birthday I am warning EVERYONE I WON'T do  Today is a gorgeous 63 degrees, birds singing, light breeze full on sunshine its great!!

So for now this is all I have to bring to you...oh wait I don't think I have mentioned Lady...she is our new Appendix Quarter Horse...picking her up next week:)  Will post photos after we pick her up!!  She has excellent bloodlines from the 1940s back strictly Thoroughbred with quiet the top names from both TB and QH lines.  We were suppose to pick her up this past week but due to the line of appts Carl ended up with as is he ended up taking an extra day off to get them all in.  And we have another string or so of appts this week for him:(

Oh and I was looking at the diesel prices for nationwide...WHERE is it only $3.09 because it isn't here in MT where we are currently...I wish it were!!

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