Friday, April 30, 2010

Life and SNOW

Today woke to 5 inches of snow...blah!  I will have to go to town this afternoon but hopefully the roads are cleared up a bit by then.  Welcome to springtime in the day 70 the next snowing.

We have come to a hard decision to sell Chip.  It is with a heavy heart but we aren't small dog people.  We are too active and do too much hiking during good weather and our outings last week proved that she will get left behind alot during the summer months.  She has however changed my attitude on small dogs they aren't all small yuppy pitas.  With proper training they aren't half bad companions.  Maybe in our old age and slowing down a dog like her will be perfect but at this stage in our lives not so much. for more details.

On another note I mentioned in another blog posting I mentioned I was on a weightloss journey.  Now that I know it is working thought I would let others in.  I have been on it for 24days and lost 25.2lbs and 18 inches.  I am full of energy even though very low in calories.  If you are interested in reading more on my journey: if you have questions please feel free to post them there.  I am at a point of taking it day by day.  23 days is the minimum I have to do phase 2 of this protocol.  I started out with it in mind to do 40days...we shall see how things go.  I am now doing it day by day.

Paige and pup news I am pretty certain she is pregnant.  She is eating more something she doesn't do.  She is a pretty finicky/picky eater.  She seems to have to go out for potty breaks more and she is putting on weight.  haven't decided yet if we will go do ultrasounds in a few weeks yet will depend on cost and life at that time.

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