Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Blogs

I see I still have TONS of views on this blog which is just crazy I don't get that much traffic on WordPress!

So come on over and follow me you will get to read newer material than you will here on this
very lacking these past few years blog :) is mostly my business page for weightloss via Skinny Fiber. I post humorous stuff, DIY things, testimonials, recipes etc so come check it out and follow me there.  Also on FB feel free to like my page there!! You can also follow me on Facebook Here

Personal Blog can be seen here :)
Pintrest Lovers ???

hmmmm where else lol I dont' know but there is a good start for y'all So come follow me let me know where ya found me interact and lets rock 2015

Friday, April 6, 2012

Its been 2 weeks

For those that have lost track of me I have been blogging on Wordpress not so much here, so thought I would let you know Carl passed away 2 weeks ago today after discovering his cancer came back and it mets to a stage 4 in his liver.  Surgery was his only possible chance and in the end he had no more time than had he done nothing at all to fight it.  After nearly 2 months still in the hospital after surgery to remove the tumor and much of his liver he passed away.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

in case your wondering

I think I have abandoned blogger....again....I am starting to like wordpress better.  our love to hate each other relationship is starting to come together:) So if you want and can play nice you can come visit me at my new (old) sandbox.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hear what happened when O'Reilly visited the 'The View' this morning? 

Behar and Goldberg walked off the set! 

I am soooo not a Joy Behar fan anyhow and 

really don't watch the View like I use to as everything seems to be one sided, 

but was sent this and was like WOW.

Seriously???  Definitely not professional what they did 

and from what I am gathering didn't have the support of 

the audience behind them.

Personally I think Bill was one brave man to even sit there between 

those blood thirsty hosts that only like those that value THEIR opinion!

I am however anxious to check out the new talk show hosted by Sharon Osbourne

and other Celeb moms: The Talk

1 week down

Well today has been one full week of radiation treatments.  

Fatigue has set in heavily, getting harder for him to get up in time to be at his 10:15 appts.

and he desires sleep when we get home after he eats lunch

This is complete role reversals

I am not use to being up before he is!!

Esp since I go to bed/sleep later than him its my only quiet time...

We knew this new chapter would bring 

new roles and all I can say is I am glad

our kids are older and not extremely young

Business seems to be picking up a bit which is great!!  

Too bad the sessions are still a couple weeks out yet

but that is ok they will be here soon enough

Hoping we found a place come November shall see how that plays out

so 1 week down 4 1/2 yet to go for rads

he will be on herbals much longer