Sunday, April 25, 2010


We decided this year to make it a point and take a couple days as a family and head to Yellowstone during the free days.  Which really in my mind is the best time to go as it is just after the park opens and wildlife is awakening from the long harsh winter so are fairly abundant for viewing pleasure.  I think we saw everything but moose this visit from marmots to wolves lots beauty.  Poor Kelda on crutches was such a sport about the trip.  She was in pain with her foot as we really are beginning to wonder is she didn't fracture or do some ligament damage.  Anyhow it was a gorgeous day and it was great and much needed family days outing:)

Here are a few photos from the day...Enjoy!!

Kelda getting ready to hike up and 
see the hotsprings better



Buffalo Fur Inger found

the bird that stole bread crust from our lunch

Buffalo a plenty that is for sure!



even Wolves...first time I have seen them..beautiful creatures 
even if this species don't belong here in Ystone

Geode in large rock the kids found near Cooke City

Inger climbing on things as usual..
this time the outhouse lol

young elk

MUWAH good bye says the mountain goat:)

leaving North Entrance

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