Thursday, April 15, 2010

What to say

A lot going on but only in spurts.

Carl has been moved to the new location for 3months now.  Was going ok but now it is time for us to be together again soon.  Just a matter of finding a RV park to stay at least the summer that meets our needs...there is actually a park that wants a 1yr commitment other than that it was perfect.  Given the nature of Carls job that just isn't possible.  Something will come along and everything will just fall into place.

April 1st was Benjamin's 10th birthday...amazing to think where has the time gone?? Officially all my kids are in the double digits now...scary thought.  A customer that has turned into a dear friend made this rockin' cake!!  Benjamin absolutely LOVED it!!  he was thrilled.  We did still have our traditional pineapple upside down cake as well which was good considering not everyone likes chocolate.

For Ostara we waited to really to do much until Easter Sunday to go visit with family and celebrate with them.  Was a really nice weekend overall.  The kids had a great time visiting with family some they hadn't met in years so vaguely remember.  They did some planting of the flowers for grandma a memory they will surely treasure.  Egg hunts, Benjamin went to his uncles church and helped make breakfast for everyone, we watched the babies of the family do egg hunt at the church then we left to visit friends that we hadn't seen since leaving Colorado, but was transferred last year to WY.  We met up with everyone after church services.  Just realizing most of Keldas photos seem to be with other people in them...ah well she was there and had fun as well.
Benjamin prepping the bed for flowers

Inger planting the bulbs

Inger loves being in trees

Today is Tax day Tea Party which we had totally planned on going but Kelda did a number on her ankle the other day and is laid up with her foot in a brace and hurts way too much yet to put in the downward position. Last year it was snowing..this year it is absolutely gorgeous out!!  I considered still going but don't feel right in case she needs help.  So home we stay this year but with them in spirit.

We have had some teenage/internet growing pains and keep in mind parents no matter how careful and watchful you think you are....they always slip something by.  Fortunately I do keep close tabs but not as close as I thought. Due to the situation the cellphone privilege was taken as well as now has very limited internet...only use is sitting right beside me until further notice.  Just goes to show just because you homeschool and are responsible parents doesn't mean danger doesn't still lurk.  Lots of talks have taken place over the years of the dangers and still it happened.

Have had photoshoots and lots of photos of course taken over Easter.  Weather has been gorgeous one day and cloudy and snowing the it snows, gets sunny and warm snow melts becomes a muddy mess out there!  Vicious cycle but is the life in the rockies I suppose.  I have been busy with weightloss.  Been studying the protocol for months and talking to specialists etc and finally dove into it almost 2weeks ago...the results~ well you can see/read those when that blog goes public.  Just know thus far I am pleased esp the battle I have had esp with my thyroid issues.

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