Sunday, April 25, 2010


absolutely love this one

I just realized I really haven't updated much since bringing home our wonderful newest addition to the family.  Zander is really doing well and coming along quiet well.  Wasn't too sure at first but the past couple weeks of Kelda being injured I have had to take more a handle on him and realized just what a dog he is and he will in time be the dog we will be proud to be owned by.  He is camera shy and seems very fearful of the camera so any shots I get are by chance or lots of hard work...he gives me a run for my shots of him.

When we first picked him up he was a bad tugger on the leash during walks, bolted out the door wouldn't sit to have leash put on.  A lot of this I think is just differences in obedience in our home vs rules in someone elses home.  Here you will not jump up, you will sit down to have a leash put on if you want to go out...he now sits just seeing the leash:)  A couple times of the door slamming him in the face he learned to just sit and wait to be told ok you may go out now.  I have let him off his lead a couple times this past week and he stuck around.  Though I notice if he has distractions he doesn't listen well.  So still some things to work on but is coming around nicely.

OH and he and Paige have done their "thing" this past week so hopefully by mid to late June we will be blessed with a new generation of puppies.  Our little girl pick of the litter will most likely take the name of Pi.  She will be our 3rd generation of Paiges side of the family bloodlines and hope to breed every 3 yrs to carry on for years to come.  LOL Benjamin came in and said um not sure what is going on I know you said I might see some odd behavior from the dogs right now but is he hurting Paige...rofl...yeah  um can't wait to see what we get.  Even if as in Benjamin's words they make babies in a weird way lol

When we first brought Zander home he and Carl didn't see eye to eye.  With Carls work schedule Zander felt Carl didn't belong here and growled if he got up in the night to do anything.

He and Carl are getting along now and seeing things in a new light and understanding of each other lol.  Zander loves walks, riding in the pickup bed and running along side the truck for a good run. He is not as fast as Paige...that girl has speed.  Does show great interest in livestock and has no fear in jumping into the river.  

Anyhow to keep up on puppy updates in the event I don't update the blog for awhile you can always check out their website...though honestly puppy updates I am sure will find their way to the family blog as our dogs are very much part of our family.

LOL oh and one other thing.  Chip our Pomchi is "litterbox" trained so she has her own little designated spot in the bathroom.  Well Zander doesn't seem to have the best of bladder controls...Paige can go forever w/o going out.  Well he has pooped a couple times even in the house since bringing him home...he got into trouble and next thing I know he is making use of Chips potty!  Now nearly every morning even though he goes out at 10p.m. and again when we get up in the morning usually around 7a.m. he has to go in the middle of the night apparently.  I am not disciplining him for this as at least if he has got to go I would rather him do his thing there and not all over my house.  I am just impressed he on his own figured out the potty spot -guess it goes to show his intelligence level.  What gets me most is it is small quarters where she goes so how he does it I don't know lol.

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