Monday, February 22, 2010

New York Trip day 5

Today I could NOT wake up!!  Kelda AND Zander tried apparently for 1 1/2 hours to wake me and I wasn't budging.  Chip was growling at them lol.  I was up late with Benjamin.  We gave him a heads up that today we would hit Chicago again and typically letting him know helps him prepare for a stressful situation, but this time stressed him so that he was pacing most of the night:0(  I got little sleep due to this so that led to my overtired body having issues getting up.

Zander I am learning does NOT like cameras and it is a chore to get a shot of him.  He saw the camera this time and rather than running stuck his tongue out!  Got my work cut out for me looks like!
 This is a half smile.  I missed the full on BIG smile that would scare you if you didn't know him and laugh if  you do!

We left Ohio with is raining and snowing and pretty much set the stage of the whole trip today.  After about 400 miles I said enough and we stopped in WI around 2p.m.  I found out this evening that about the same time the next exit up there was a semi that jack knifed.  So I am very glad I became too exhausted to continue.  I crashed for 3 hours hard and woke just trying to fall back to sleep so figured until then I would at least get the blog done.  I am still tired but can function!
Ohio Hotel and the weather as we were leaving

Going thru Chicago wasn't as bad as the first round.  Thinking back it was a Saturday afternoon rather than a weekday afternoon maybe that was the difference.

Zander is doing awesome and definitely has some work cut out for us in the manners dept.  Such as when a car door is open or hotel room door is open it is not an invitation to bolt out!  I haven't had a dog do that in years so that will be a correction in need of being done for sure.  He is sitting and laying down well on command as long as there isn't a ton of distractions.  Kelda is keeping treats on hand at all times to help reinforce things and so far all is well:0)

Tonight we watched A movie of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who has become one of top scientists in human livestock handling! In spots where she is panicking Benjamin said that is how he felt when we were in Chicago!  HE sat and was really into the movie and said he understood her.  I learned a lot more watching him tonight and the movie.  I feel like I am always learning more about his being autistic.

Not really much else to report that I can think of....right now.  We are changing the route a bit on the way home and going to add ND to our list of states visited:0)  Cannot wait to see my tinkerbell Weds!  Furthermore can't wait to see how Paige and Zander get along.

Zander and Chip getting along very very well!

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