Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New York Trip day 6

Well as I watch a not very good episode of American Idol...just not into it this year....I will blog and head to bed.
This morning leaving WI

Weather....Started out with a VERY snowy morning!  Then by the time we got to a spot where it let up there was a heavy fog and combined with cold enough temps to make black ice so it slowed up our morning travel.  Then we hit great roads with snow that didn't stick or was just blowing around.  MN was COLD!!!!  ND has been COLDER and the most snow I have seen since Jackson Hole!!
Getting closer to MN....
WI is really pretty and will be visiting again in the fall 
North Dakota this evening

BRRRR!!  I thought MN was cold and windy...HA
It is said to get below zero here tonight
where the sign says Welcome to North Dakota and I HAD to add 
with snow up your @$$ and it is only 3 degrees, winds blowing like mad!!
No exaggeration in the movies on the temps and snow load here in ND!!

WI is still a very beautiful place!  MN going a different route wasn't as flat:0)  Also very nice scenery.  Met up with an April Mommy 2000 and her daughter.  K and B both played in the shooting range at Cabelas...WOW that store was 3 times the size of our Billings store and two stories high!!  Was great to finally meet Sue in person.  We have had an online friendship that started in a parenting group that was categorized by monthly due dates and have chatted online since ...never having met in person until today!  Was really great to add another mom to the list of having met.

Cabela's- Rogers MN- Carl of course is jealous!

I am exhausted wow and really puffy from this trip too!

April "babies" just shy of their 10th birthday playing 
in the Cabelas shooting range having met for the first time

B&D gt300
OH on my way to meet up with Sue and her dd I passed by a Camping World store!!!  HAD TO STOP after the meet up.  An RVers toy store:0)  I even got a coffee pot I was trying to convince hubby that I wanted as it is more slender, space saving and only does single cups of tea or coffee, this model does different size cups and even a creamy cappuccino style....  the one I was looking at was $100 this one cost me all of $8 at CWorld:0) Hopefully he doesn't have an issue!  Oh well if he does he will get over it when he is older.......... he is older;0)
New One I just purchased:0)

 Here is the current coffee pot which I really do love, 
but with limited counter space this New coffee pot will be better:0)

 North Dakota

Like the sun and Chip I too am signing off....good night:0)

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