Sunday, February 21, 2010

New York Trip day 4

Didn't really get going until I would say around 11.  Went to the car wash apparently -New York style- and waited in a line ...ummm I mean THREE lines wide.  They write on the window I guess so when you finally get up for your car wash they know the code of what you paid for.  Then it was half hand and half brush style.

Then we hit up the local mall as I had a teenager with me that just had to check out the local mall down the road.  We probably should have went the extra 20 or so minutes to the even bigger one, but decided we just wanted to go get Zander as we were anxious to meet him and start taking him home.
Inside Boulevard Mall

We had never seen or been to a Johnny Rocket before.  The service was awesome and neat little 50's style place to eat.  The staff was friendly, dressed in khakis and white button down shirts, their little hats and even twirled straws and made smiley faces of ketchup when serving our meal:0)  Inger would have LOVED this place!  So these photos are for her:0)
Jukebox at each table...
you enter a nickel and select a song and it is next on the overhead speakers
Kelda enjoying her time at the mall

our smiley ketchup=)

and the waiters nice enough to pose for a photo!

Then we left to pick up Zander...what a big goober!!  Definitely won't be taking him into a china shop anytime soon or I will be beyond broke lol.  He and Chip are getting along great and he rode wonderfully in the Kelda's lap no less.  We did learn if he even thought you might pay him attn he kept crawling closer and closer until he was nearly sitting in your lap then just helped himself and jumped on it.  Tonight he is sleeping on the bed with Kelda.  He is I think a little bigger than we thought he was but that is ok just means only one breeding for Paige and then she will definitely be spayed when they wean.  We wanted big as that is what Carl is wanting to get back to, but was going to do that next generation.  So this may have worked out in our favor:0) Paige is prepping for her spring cycle currently so it won't be long and the two will be breeding.  I cannot wait!  His puppies are selling for $850/ea.  I know he and Paiges' pups will be less due to the mix of two breeds.  Personally we love the mixture.

Proudly my copilot on the drive to Ohio

 In Pennsylvania there was this nice sunset.  
I do want to come back in the Fall for the color changes

Oh and last but not least....crazy New York state law!
wonder why this is???  
Anyone know? 
AND do they hold you to it?

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