Sunday, February 21, 2010

New York Trip day 3

WOW what a day!!!  Lets say I HATE HATE HATE Chicago and convinced anyone that lives there is NUCKIN FUTZ!!!

Lets see we left Onalaska WI yesterday the snow.  It slowed our trip up a little at first, but that is ok the scenery was beautiful!!!  Wouldn't mind visiting again when it is a more leisure trip.  Illinois SUCKED!  After this trip never plan to visit from there to Ohio purposely again... I have to say I was less than impressed.
WI I can do again would love to see it in a different season

Being stuck for 40 mins in 4 lane traffic lets just say I got thru cattle drives faster back in Montana! Though I will say there are some similarities between the two:

The stinch, haze, can't hardly move more than 2 mph, car can be damaged, you can honk and not much happens...cows don't flip you off though they may cuss you out...rofl yeah this is my preferred traffic jam:
I hope if you ever make it to MT you get to experience a more laid back traffic is much more enjoyable and a lot less stress.

oh yeah back to the moment...drifted a bit thinking how much more laid back we are in there I was wondering if someone was going to hit me when I would try to get in the driving lane, the crazy toll roads...I considered surprising my inlaws while I am this close to NJ....but really nervous and not sure I can handle that traffic.  I remember how my fil drove when we visited years ago....and now driving thru Chicago I realize why he drove that way!!  Plus I don't have Inger and would feel guilty the whole time that 2 of the kids got to visit them and she didn't.  I don't yet know what the day will bring other than picking up Zander.
OH HELL YEAH MILLER TIME perfect location for that billboard!! How did they know I was in need of one after experiencing traffic like no other??

Kelda loved the double decker bus

and the rose painted on here

LOL I went to tell Kelda to take a picture -as you could see the buildings in a faint distance while in Chicago- and I said get a picture of those Chicago mountains...haha so that is now what those tall things are.  Benjamin totally flipped out on me while in the traffic jam and Kelda had to help calm him down.  Being aspergers child  he can't stand feeling closed in.  All he kept sobbing is he felt like he was stuck in his room and can't get out (a couple years ago he slammed his door shut to his room when in the midst of a meltdown and the door handle fell off...he instantly panicked and got at the end of his room, ran and knocked the door clean out of the frame.)  Chicago apparently made him feel much like that moment.  So not only was I dealing with crazy drivers and backed up traffic, but also a son that can't control his emotions and was totally freaking out on me.  I am just grateful Kelda was with me to help.  I must admit I was holding my breath literally the whole time.  So also with this in mind not sure he can handle the traffic in NJ.  I am just going to have to figure out a way to convince my hubby to make a trip this year to visit.  We were suppose to come this past year but just before we were suppose to leave to make a surprise trip...well was surprise to some others knew we were making plans....Carl slipped on ice days before vacation and injured his back.  Which kept us homebound and full of dr.s visits most of "vacation" time.
Chicago Mountains...rofl

Bridger Mountains
Which do you really prefer??

Anyhoo back to this trip. Lets see...toll roads...holy crap what is up with those things.  Do they really save time??  I think I spent more than I would have on a tank of gas in the car....
This is cropped in to see the toll...we were a ways back

Really tall buildings think I prefer our really tall mountains

Impressions of IL felt like a very dirty state.  OH and IN how do you live with all the haze! So not really photos to be had in these areas...couldn't really see much... wow!  NOW I understand when people come to MT they say our air is so clean and fresh.  After Chicago I also now understand road rage and have greater respect for the bumper sticker we have in MT that says "Did you come here to be in a hurry?" Think I might have to put that on the back of our truck when I get home=)  LOL~ Janesville  WI we got a good laugh we started noticing a stinch and shortly after we noticed the big can by the Hormel chili plant that read Hormel Chili with BEANS!

We didn't get to see PA or the last bit of OH as it got dark.  Kelda saw a huge mall on the way to our Motel in NY so we will probably go see that on the way to pick up Zander...teenagers what do ya do with them??
Made it to NY in one couldn't  believe it was 40 degrees when we arrived...and people back in MT wondered why we weren't going some place warm..rofl

Over 1900 miles in 2 1/2 days WE is EXHAUSTED!!!!!


OH YEAH here is that photo from Benjamin and Chip keeping themselves 
entertained day before yesterday:0) 
PS Benjamin said not only is Cleveland the mistake by the lake so are the nearby states! He wants to get back to MT NOW

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VM Sehy Photography said...

I like tall buildings so I might go see Chicago just once in my life for the experience. Never got there growing up even though it was fairly close. I preferred Minneapolis, MN or Madison, WI. Our family would go there every fall and pick apples. I would suggest that time of year for a trip. The leaves are changing and it's just a really beautiful time of year in that state. I wanted to live in Wisconsin when I grew up. Then I went to Colorado and never looked back.