Friday, February 19, 2010

New York Trip day 2

Well today started at the not even butt crack of dawn!  Chip started her little under the breath muffled bark which sometimes is worse than a full on just bark and get it over with bark!  Because it goes on for several minutes no matter how much you "beat" her and hold her muzzle or tell her to SHUT UP!  Hoping with age this goes away.  She gives one or two loud barks then muffles as soon as told to quiet down.
where we stayed first night- was very friendly staff and clean rooms

We are off around 7:30 a.m.

Anyhow that was at 4:30 a.m.  Got things quieted and fell back to sleep around 5 only for this to continue off and on.  Finally around 6:30 I gave up took a shower and packed to leave.  As we were getting out on the highway there was a billboard sign that said "All the Crack you can Handle" OMG seriously that would have been totally taken the wrong of a million different ways had their not been a picture of a lobster LOL. 

We passed a town called 1880 town.  Kinda cool looking that on the way back we may stop and explore more.  Just outside of this and I wish I had seen it before taking off again was this skeleton of a person "walking" a skeleton of a dinosaur on a leash.  quiet comical actually.  I will get a photo on the return trip the kids got a good laugh out of this.
ROFL loved this!

We learned in South Dakota that they have a road "game" similar to that of MT or especially what comes to mind Pinedale Wyoming of counting...only instead of dead deer it is dead pheasants.  WOW are they plenty in the area.
A couple of the pheasants I finally pulled over to "shoot" just for the blog in mind

There were many towns that had names that we were use to hearing or seeing more common in other states... such as Houston, Jackson, Montrose etc.  So Kelda had lots of fun with the teleport word.  How wonderful the car was that was taking us to all these other states yet not a one of them being the one end result state we wanted.  It was a good laugh and maybe you had to be there.  We learned that SD is VERY foggy and if/when it lifts it favors at first parts of Wyoming. that is when we then saw all the pheasants. 

Kelda had fun posting via her cell to FB and here are a few of her updates:

Kelda OlsenWOW my dreams are weird! WE just saw a skeleton humen walking a skeleton dino on a leash!

 Hey S.D! Hate to tell ya this but the Big Sioux River is Froze to where ppl can drive over it!


This is the flatest Jackson I`v ever seen. No wait I think I saw the Tetons!. . . . Nope just a snow hill

Hi from Houston!

Pretty sure this is the Sioux River she was speaking of.  There was tire tracks on the ice!


So yeah it has been an eventful day.  Full of laughs...I have got to get Benjamin's camera which he forgot in the car and post a photo I remember he took today to show how he has been spending his time when not sleeping or reading. I will get it added tomorrow night.

here is a shot Kelda got for me but the one he took of the two of them was just priceless....looked as if she was going to eat him!


Tonight we made it to Onalaska WI which if the roads and weather remain this good we could be in NY tomorrow night rather than Sun/Mon.  Which is awesome as we will make a few stops such as MT Rushmore, Laura Ingalls exit etc.

For the most part we learned MN is VERY flat...well as Benjamin said no there is bumps from the snow, SD is Very foggy and well we just got into WI so not much to say yet.  Tonight the pool was working at this hotel so we got to swim a few before bed and now we are showered and relaxing.   

Chip wanting to get out of the car when I stopped to stretch my legs a few

Hmmm typical sight in MT that we also saw in MN


This is approaching Blue Earth... at first we wondered where it got the name as we got closer it really always appeared Blue off in the distance!

Our room tonight.  They were booked and we got the last room a King suite for a discount price:0)

LOVE the tv...our flat screen isn't quiet this big! hmm not even sure we have a spot for something this size in the RV

This about sums it up for now.   I am off to bed I think as I want up early to get out of here right after Breakfast:0)  A little over 800 miles left!  until tomorrow have a great night/day!!

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VM Sehy Photography said...

Cool post and awesome pictures. I wish we'd see pheasants when we go to South Dakota. No luck so far. Probably wrong time of year. We pretty much go this route to go back to my parents' place in Iowa except we turn South at Minnesota instead of continuing on to Wisconson.