Thursday, February 18, 2010

New York Trip day 1

Well we got off on our way.  New York here we come!!  Though this trip is quick and to the point we are trying to have some fun with it along the way.  However today was a late start due to car rental issues.  Having never done a car rental and doing the rental via the phone I gave my debit card info to hold the reservation and got a confirmation number.  Get there today (dropped off by a friend kind enough to fit me into a very hectic schedule today) and oh we don't take debit cards.  What do you mean you took the info over the phone, gave me a conf. number and never once was it said we don't accept debit cards!!  Thought we were going to have to cancel the trip and look again at the options...pros/cons to ship Zander.  Not wanting to do this I went back in to find out if someone else that would not be driving the car put it on their credit card if we could still do this as this was not my screw up they need to say something when taking a reservation.  I don't think she believed I had never rented a car before...whatever I don't care.  Carl called his boss and he was kind enough to come put it on his credit card.  I went immediately and got money off my card and gave back to him. The reason made sense, but still I was ticked at the fact that they never said word one about this and took my card info for the reservation.

Trip started out 2 hours later than I had wanted but figured it was just a bump in the road to see how serious I was about making this trip with 2 kids and one small dog to go get one big dog:0)  Once that was cleared our trip went uneventful.  I did end up getting a BRAND SPANKIN NEW red 2010 Nissan Sentra. Had all of 6 miles on the odometer...I still have to keep looking at it like~ seriously? really?? is that it? Can't say I have ever driven a car so new...kinda a neat feeling! At first felt really weird to drive after being so use to driving my F350 dually crewcab pickup!  No real headroom and had I had long legs no leg room and windshield is RIGHT there!  But after driving it I realized even with my back issues my back didn't hurt after 500 miles on this first day.  So hubby may not want to hear I like a

Very cute car I do like it, but have to admit I wouldn't want the car payment.

Inger decided she was definitely not going.  Her words were small car, 8 days, me and my brother one of us will not survive and I am willing to bet it will not be  Alrighty then tell us how you really feel.  So we let she and Paige stay with my "sister" and her family....My thoughts are with them.  Love you Inger and really do miss you, but didn't miss hitting every potty stop or bickering with your brother in the backseat due to lack of space.  I do think there is less interior space than in the Neon so it wouldn't have been pretty.

Chip found her perfect spot unless there was songs on with good bass going....
Apparently the back dash on my pillow as her thrown was just perfect:0)
It does feel funny having only 2 kids with me on this trip and no Paige.  I guess Paige decided she missed me too as she didn't eat until this evening.  Guessing the 2 girls will be happy to see me when we get back.  So our trip went very uneventful this first stretch.  Our first nights stop has been Belle Fourche SD.  Nearly 500 miles which is my daily goal is no less than 500 miles.  We will get a much earlier start tomorrow and drive as long as I can and stop.  I only had tonights motel reserved as I figured we should at least make it this far.  I do have our ending stop reserved as well since they allowed the reservation of both nights of possibles to arrive and I can cancel the other one that is not needed.  Must be very slow to allow that, was nice though... that way I still get the advanced reservation discount:0)

Not much really to report now other than my babbling.  OH yes there is Benjamin had to pee at one point so bad that he was in tears but didn't say anything.  After he got to relieve himself he started laughing saying he had to pee sooo bad that he couldn't fart.  So he is providing a little comedy for the road in place of Ingers absence.

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