Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Long Summer

Well this has been the longest full of not much summer in a looooong time for us. We have been busy yet not overly busy. I have been w/o my laptop all summer long and it has sucked. Only having access via my cellphone. My laptop is still back and forth to the insurance company for repairs and was hoping to have heard from them by now about just replacing the darned thing but alas we put out a minimal amount for another computer. RV is paid off in 2 weeks:0) Carl has worked so hard at making it happen despite the economy. Business has been way down for me this year first downtime for the summer I have had since 2004. So now that I have something I am going to try and update a bit on our busy yet not so busy summer:0)

PHOTOS can be clicked on for a larger view. I was trying to keep them dial up friendly for those that have no other option.

June: Brought many nature hikes, seeing the beauty of Montana, the goofy cows, the wonderful geese in the wild as they weathered one of our many stormy days of "summer", the blooming of flowers. The tragedy of a duckling losing its natural mama and siblings by someone not paying attn and wiped out all this poor things family with her car. We took "Butterscotch" in until we could figure out what to do with it. He...or she... gravitated to Kelda and followed her every movement and even slept with her on nights we put the cat in the bathroom. He escaped death 6 times in a weeks time due to the cat. Finally discovered there is a pond at MSU where they are use to human scent and released him there with a mama that apparently had in some fashion lost all her babies but one and it was around Butterscotch's age and she took him in as her own. All the other mama ducks had older babies by a few weeks and was less than accepting. The most exciting part of all this experience is Paige helped keep the baby duckling warm but rolling on her back while Butterscotch nestled into her belly fur. As you can see in the photos she was quiet proud of herself. Can't wait until we breed as I really believe she is going to be an awesome mom unlike Pris. June 4 just 2 days before my birthday we got notification the long awaited birth of our puppy was born. Benjamin had already decided on the name Chip. She ended up being black and tan and so he tells everyone she looks like a chocolate chip cookie and since everyone calls their little dogs Cookie his dogs name is Chip. She is a Pomchi.... Pomeranian Chihuahua.

July: Wow this month was pretty full actually. I had a maternity session for a mama to be:0) Hoping to go do new baby photos soon as he has arrived Congrads to Amity on baby North:0) Picked up Chip and Benjamin has been ever so in love with her. Thus far not a terrible little dog. Use to bigger dogs so she has been something new to learn. So far though not a yappy, barky dog/pup which is top priority to remain living with us. I don't tolerate annoying little dogs well. 4th of July Tea Party was a huge success and bbq afterwards, camping trips, Jim Bridger Days in Bridger MT and spent time with family there, Benjamins favorite part was the line of tractors of course, I think Keldas was the color streaking of her hair and going to the street dance that night the girls had fun. Inger found her dream car....as you see her standing by it in the photo here. Swimming on the one hot day of the year~ Actually hit over 100 degrees!! Think it was the only triple digit day we saw all year. We have decided summer took a vacation itself this year as we haven't seen it much this year.

August: Brought more political events still, NObama visited Bozeman...well really Belgrade never left the airport until he went to West Yellowstone. I won't get going on that ridiculous waste of taxpayers money here I have done so on my political blog, anyhow huge turn out for those opposing obamacare most exciting thing of that whole day was seeing airforce one in our little bitty airport no matter who is inside that plane rocks. Tragedy fell when my sis' brother in law and his new wife died in a tanker explosion, we went to help out and give our support. Love you guys times heals but the process sucks-RIP Kevin. The kids got to meet an awesome man~ Ron Dakota~ He is 67yrs old and travels the USA in a horse drawn covered Wagon. I believe he has been doing so for over 20 yrs now. He gave them a tour of his home, introduced them to his horses, their names how they got them and where each came from and the travels he has made...including the Oregon Trail and many other fun things that today even traveling the roads we do don't see much of. Now their ambition is to try this for a year...lol music to their fathers ears for sure. Mr. Dakotah is on his way to Texas and last we heard was in Buffalo Chip near South Dakota HWY 79 & HWY 34. Had a bit of an accident in Sturgis that has delayed his trip a bit but after having spoken with this man I know he is taking it all in stride and knows that whatever happens is meant to be, you live learn and keep on going. Was a great adventure for the kids and very inspirational..Was interesting to learn he isn't the only one reliving a bit of our heritage. I believe something like 30 teamsters out there going by wagon and horse or mule drawn. Carl was so go for the Mule team anyday. Lets see oh we let go of our regular cell service and discovered prepaid for our lifestyle is WAY cheaper. Over half the cost of a contracted plan if you do it right and learn the system. Now initially this was the hardest thing I did all summer but what a relief off my shoulders always worried about whether we could afford this months bill or not with the slowing of the economy it was getting harder and harder... now I pay what I can afford and nothing more and no fear of losing my phone service. I do pay for unlimited texting so even if I run out of airtime I can still text:0)

September: has been a good month so far:0) We started our first week of school and let me tell you it has been plenty full. Now really we homeschool year round and take time off as life hands things our way. But for the official start of the year we have gone apple picking, learning to can and make jelly, applesauce and will be drying some too. Benjamin got to sit in on a surgery for spaying a dog. Up close and personal, one on one with the vet and had such excitement the vet said he was welcomed back any time. We went on a vet visit for Chip as she developed an upper respiratory cold. Oh and believe it or not while apple picking we learned Paige can climb trees. She hates it when Inger goes up with out her so decided to go up with her. Not only did she climb but jumped limb to limb like she had been doing this all her life. I will be getting a camcorder soon as still photos just don't do this service. We went on a hot air balloon ride by yet another political event...something our summer has been full of monthly this month was a lot of End the Feds, Americans for Prosperity, Tea Party etc. Kelda has really gotten involved and even made a man for global warming walk away because he didn't have the answers to her CO2 questions. I was happy to know she has really been doing her studies and taking much from them:0) Inger just today was put on a once a week only trip to the Chiropractor for her scoliosis she is doing TONS better and nearly done. Has been a long road but so worth the money to go this route than what we were fearing and being told in the beginning of this journey.

September has also brought a new niece into the family~She was nearly an niner baby. 09/09/09 and the 252 day of the year and when that was brought down to its lowest form was also the number 9.

Name: Tora Elizabeth Olsen

Date: 9/8/09

Time: 7:48 pm

Weight: 7lbs. 9 ounces

Height: 18 3/4" long

Ok I hope this sums things up and we get back into the swing of things as far as posting. Everyone is great as you can see in the photos here. The one best thing I can say for me not having my computer is I was forced to listen to the life around me especially animal spirits and my intuition, my kids you name it. Where I am always involved, and listen I haven't really listened. For this reason I will no longer have internet at all times, but there are many places such as the library, most RV parks, coffee shops etc that have wifi...even the laundry mat:0) It has been a hard adjustment this summer letting go of the materialistic parts such as my regular contracted cellphone plan and internet but has probably been the most relief I have had in a long time. It was something I thought I HAD to have and really where I still want and desire it I realize I do not have to have it and there are other ways to receive these things in moderation!

Have an awesome week until next time (which won't be in 3 months!) And many blessings no matter how small come your way!

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VM Sehy Photography said...

Glad to see you guys had a good summer. The guy in the covered wagon sounds really interesting. What a cool experience. I've probably seen your duckling that you released at MSU. We go down there to feed the ducks all the time.