Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thyroids suck!

Well ok but seriously. I have hypothyroidism and for 4 years have been taking meds... natural Thytrophin from my chiropractor. Well now going to a nutritionist as I couldn't figure out if I am doing everything I am suppose to do in taking my meds I take this plus L Tyrosine and a topical iodine! Well guess what?? IT ISN'T enough. Turns out the chlorine in tap water and floride in my toothpaste both of which I have struggled using since Benjamins' pregnancy are blocking the meds from being affective. I then wondered last year when I was doing so great at losing weight why did it happen then, what was I doing differently. Well I was drinking bottled water, I was using a natural toothpaste.... both of which I stopped to allow funding for food while paying off the rv. Carl laughed at me and said so you found a way to drink bottled water after all...rofl.

Oh yeah and there is a whole slew of things I can't eat like Chicken, anything from the cabbage family, soy products and a ton of other things like broccoli, kale etc. I need to add some kind of liver...ewww can we say GROSS!! So she said get them in caps lol. I also need to add Kelp I thought Iodine was enough but apparently there is added benefit of Kelp ~

(Iodine is essential to your body as it helps the thyroid properly function. And the thyroid controls growth, energy and metabolism in your body. Since kelp is a natural source of iodine, it's absorbed by your body more slowly and safely than chemical iodine is. I'm actually allergic to chemical iodine, but I have no problems consuming moderate amounts of kelp on a daily basis.

Kelp regulates both the thyroid and pituitary glands, plus it activates all glands in your body. It's wonderful for nail growth and hair loss too, plus it can help regulate your body temperature. It may even help if you have problems with chronic low body temperature.)

I knew I needed B Complex and well just haven't done it yet. Next step this week I need to do a hormone saliva test and see where my levels are as hormones and thyroids are apparently best of friends so really they both suck for causing me so much grief! OH and apparently Licorice Root helps to strengthen the adrenals and promotes endocrine health. She said to be sure this is taken with Potassium. Another issue aside from giving up my beloved chicken, is no more corn, peanuts, tomatoes or sesame seeds!!! And I need a new home made sloppy joe recipe..oh nevermind can't have it! I can still have Turkey so that is something;0) I can also still have chicken eggs. I guess it is just something about the meat of the chicken?? oh and noooo more bacon (yikes), ham or pork. I should be eating all sorts of fish but since Benjamins pregnancy I haven't been able to as much as smell it! Even fish oil pills messed with me in the past but this last week I decided to try it again and so far so good;) so here is to hoping.

So as much as some of this sucks I want to feel lots better not just so so sometimes or highs. There is more but I will get more defined for me list after the hormone test. Basically need to cut corn, wheat, peanuts, sesame seeds and lectin foods from my diet and somehow get more fish in my diet!!

I will update after I do the hormonal test and get a more defined dos and don'ts! So stay tuned for part 2...for now thyroids suck!

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