Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday

To my Great Grandma Rosie. Whom is 94 yrs old and just recently moved to WA state from TX to live with my great aunt. Everytime I see her she always tells me the story how I was already 5 days late I could have waited 2 more days and been born on her birthday then we would be exactly 60 yrs How she was in bed with my mama and she kept climbing over to go to the bathroom and finally she said honey you got a mama said she had to go and that is when my great grandma said sugar you are in labor. Something along those lines.

She is a great lady and I can only hope to live as long as she has and overall healthy.

This makes me think of a gentleman today that I met while waiting for my tires to be put on my truck...that let me first off say we all thought he was going senile or something until he whipped out his license... sure enough...he was 89 yrs old...let me tell you he didn't look a day over maybe 70! AND to boot he has no aches and pains anywhere, has no issues sleeping nothing. He says he secret is staying active if he were to slow down or stop body parts might forget how to work.
This got Inger to laugh and then say you know I love old people and I want to be like the funny ones when I get there. I don't think she has a problem with her wit.

Anyhow a GRAND Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady...I love you grandma Rosie;0) I tried calling but apparently I have an outdated number for my aunt. But in case someone happens across my blog she will get the msg I was thinking of her anyhow.

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