Monday, June 8, 2009

Getting there

Well the day is getting closer and we leave for Tennessee. I will be blogging and taking photos I am sure. The kids are excited. Our trip may be delayed a couple days as a gentleman called tonight to look at my truck I have for sale and it will be Friday before that can happen.

I got new tires on my dually today and it feels great....only I got it home to realize Mud and Snows were put on...not highway as was ordered:0/ So back to the shop tomorrow to see what's up. Hoping they put the wrong ones on by accident and the ones we ordered are still sitting at the shop. I never expect to see this truck in the back country...ever! That is why we got Carl his play truck it is 4wd and I don't care what happens to is just time it can go get dirty, have fun whatever...MY truck is for hauling the 5vr and highway, site seeing, fun stuff.

So not much lately really to update. I turned 34 a couple days ago and Kelda made me an awesome devils food cake topped with strawberries and in between the two layers she put vanilla was delish. Inger made me a necklace...her newest hobby in her line of arts is making jewelry...beaded and otherwise. She has 3 more in the works right now, Benjamin gave me a pinky ring and Carl is doing what he can to make this necessity trip to TN happen.

We were enjoying gorgeous weather...80's then suddenly dropped into the 30/40's and snowed ON MY know I have a June bday for a reason...I like warm weather! It was crazy but didn't stick around except in the high country.

Lets see what else can I update...OH Benjamin's puppy was born that he has been working so hard towards. Most likely he is taking the front black female. The white collared one I think the owners will end up keeping (it was his first pick) and have already named her Jewel because on her belly she has a perfect white diamond shape. Benjamin has already named his girl Chip and has John Deere leash and collar set picked out now to find a matching halter for walking. She is what is called a Pomchi...Pomeranian Chichuaua. They are mostly Poms though. I still can't believe Carl said yes he could have one...and look she is already a poser...must be meant to be in our home:))

Ok well I suppose that is it for now...I will begin updating as we start hitting the road. Happy Trails

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VM Sehy Photography said...

Happy belated birthday and have a good trip to Tennessee:)