Monday, May 4, 2009

Morning Walks

this is at the 1/2 point of our morning walks. we hear ducks ... on Twitpic just love it on Twitpic

Since the weather has gotten nicer I have taken over Paige's morning walks. Normally every morning we see ducks swimming or even flying over head. This morning we heard them but they weren't rained all night and it is still a bit chilly this morning.

Where we are staying is 40 acres of heaven. Total wooded acreage with many differing location paths in which to walk on, go sit by the river you name it. It isn't but a 1/4 mile walk to get to this area. Once in there Paige can just run to her hearts content or I have to call her back due to ducks which seem to appeal to her!! I normally forget my cellphone but this morning remembered it:0) So I got a couple shots with the phones camera not the best but gives the idea.

Anyhow just thought I would share my morning peace. I am off to have more coffee and get my day going. Have an awesome week!!

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