Friday, May 1, 2009

Dogs in Pickup Beds

Until yesterday when someone made a comment about riding in truck beds how it was legal for people in this one state but not the dog- I honestly never thought about the legalities from state to state for our dog to ride in the bed like I do for gun laws. So still searching and so far I have found tether laws.

The following 24 states have tether laws:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina

Here's my thing out on the ranch or in the backwoods camping and say my dog gets sprayed by a skunk, finds the nearest cow patty, river or mud hole she thinks would be fun to play in....she is NOT coming in the cab of my truck. We have one truck it doesn't matter she can go in cab or bed either way no biggie. BUT in the other it is all blue velor interior and she is no questions asked not allowed in the cab except maybe in an extreme situation. she has mostly white fur which will be a pita to get the fur out of the truck.

She LOVES the bed of the truck. I know from reading around that many of you think that is not an excuse or reason to allow her in the bed of the truck...whatever get over it. Everything in life is fun and games until someone gets hurt then you want to make a law against it or how it is enjoyed.

We leave the back window open so one if I need to get her attn for barking or two if in the one truck she is allowed to come in and out as she pleases but prefers to be out. When I walk away from the truck to ensure that something doesn't grab her attn and she jump or someone decide she is so pretty they want her and entice her to come out of the truck I do tether her with enough lead so if in the one truck she wants to go inside the cab if the direct sunlight gets to be too much for her mostly white coated body. We use solar fans on the windows to help control temps inside and of course the back window is open for her. We always carry a bowl and gallon water jug to be sure she has water in the summer months.

I really don't care if you are for or against my dog or dogs in general riding in pickup beds this is an individuals right and more stupid people making stupid laws is not going to change how we do things. Don't get me wrong in the beginning I worried about her falling or worse jumping. But you know we took it slow and as time went on she learned the motions of the truck and how to position her body on turns. When I speed up she lays down, when I slow down she sits up and when I stop she stands. It has really been enlightening watching her as she learned. Has she lost her footing?- sure did she fall out? no. I didn't use to allow her on the toolbox, but that is her preference so got a non skid strips to cover the top to help give her better footing.

I had to blog this because in my searching for LAWS I keep getting the bads of it by animal nut activists that can't help but put their noses in other peoples business and claim those that let their dogs in the pickup bed are stupid ignorant people that don't love their dogs. GET OVER YOURSELVES!! We LOVE our dog. If she is in the bed of the truck which is typical and really even when she isn't in the back I rarely do speed limit anyhow. We don't drive like a bat out of hell. Don't like the fact I don't do speed limit when it is safe pass me I don't care but don't honk and flip me off because you think it is just not right.

Worried about your kid getting bit because you weren't paying attention to YOUR child that goes over and wants to pet the pretty puppy tethered or not but in the back of a truck=child could get bit. So you go and sue the owner for your child being bit by a dog that was in the confines of its own property. All the dog was doing was guarding its territory its YOUR neglegance and you take NO responsibility for YOUR actions or lack there of. It is people like you I cannot stand and is ruining this country.

As fulltime RVers after coming across the one information about a state that allows no dogs in truck beds something that has/had never crossed my mind before is what led me to an online search and sorry but all you people that feel the need to butt in is making it really difficult to find the actual laws that states no dogs in pickup beds because the net is filled with "horror" stories of the whys you shouldn't do it; how we that do allow it should have our rights to pet ownership taken away. The only concrete thing I have found is the tethering law in the states listed above. I have read from some where it is illegal in the state in which they reside but no reference as to where they got that information so until I do see that I am not reporting those states as having the law of no dogs in pickup beds.

If it is a law in your state and you want to make reference to it to help inform me and others then please do so politely with reference link so it can be found.

DO NOT go on a bashing about pet owners that allow this are stupid because I will delete your comment.

Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions and what you read here is mine. Do I love my dog you bet sometimes more than my husband and kids; I don't care what in life you are doing it can be dangerous even the simplest things...if you want to go live in a bubble go for it, but leave my world alone. She doesn't ride in the back in extreme weather winter or summer but fortunate for us we are in MT and there is enough enjoyment times she can ride in the back and there is enough farmers and ranchers to keep this stupid law out of Montana:0) If you don't like it move to a state that does not allow this or look the other way so you can't see my dog in the back of her beloved truck.


Kathy B! said...

I support you 100% on this!

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