Monday, May 4, 2009

Potential Mate

Well we are starting to get serious about a mate for Paige's future pups. I have been looking for a year not serious but to date only one potential dog has caught my eye and he happens to be in need of a new home and not snipped...yet. I want to breed her either this fall or next spring. I don't want her too much past 3 by the time we do this and after they are weaned she herself will most likely be fixed. This would put Paige around 6 or so by the time we breed the new generation. I just discovered the owner of her grandfather has moved back to California to the family ranch not long ago and I hope to get photos of at least her grandfather- Fred.


Anyhow here is a collage I have put together as we are making our decision to see what others might thing of the 2 together. He is a male red aussie and will be 2 in Nov. She just turned 2 in March. Depending on a couple things we want to talk to the vet about we will take ownership of him next week well also depending on what Paige says too, but I have a feeling no matter her feelings right now when it came right down to it and she was in heat she wouldn't At least not if she is anything like her mother.

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Renee said...

Well these 2 are not happening!! The merle gene is dominant in both so is not safe. Where nothing may happen there is as great a chance at having all the best qualities from the merle dogs and the negative health issues all at once and that soooo isn't what we want. So the search continues.