Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back in Idaho

Well yes I was just here last week, but I left snow boots and ironically it started snowing again.  Hmmm Imagine that!  Also left the dog food.  Soooo spend $30 for another small bag of dog food or spend $25 to come back and get it...yeah I will take the 2nd at least I get to see my nephew again and wow I think he slept this time as I awoke at 6:30 and don't hear a sound:0)  Hope this doesn't mean I slept thru it this time.  What an awful sister I would be to not take night

I am heading over to Jackson WY here in a bit today.  As much as I complained about this area the 10 years we lived here before I really do miss it.  It is nice to visit but can't honestly say I want to live here again.  Maybe this next summer??  I mean hello I have a new nephew to spoil and play with right?!  And if Carl is going to return to outfitting I can't think of anyone else to get back in the saddle with than the awesome guy the kids call grandpa Ward.  Sadly he has had a rough year and worry he may not be around much longer.  sleigh season is fastly coming to an end so it will be break/vacation time for the workers until May.  You see now that we RV and it is nearly paid for we can afford for Carl to return to this lifestyle he so loves and misses.  We won't be hampered by the downtimes and in fact will get to take advantages this time around of those downtimes.  His current goal is to get the RV paid off it has been number 1 priority since September.  He has worked soooo incredibly hard this winter and yesterday it just felt like his world was crumbling I haven't seen him so angry in about 10 yrs.  It was seriously a series of events right after another.  Retrograde???  I am thinking so.  But by last night when we spoke he seemed better and more level headed it took a tow to Billings to think things thru and come back to reality that everything does happen for a reason.  Of course seeing they were getting a Cabellas cheered him right up!  Until he called back a bit later and said they aren't open yet the sign just says soon!  PHEW saved a little longer lol! After the RV is paid for he can relax (I hope, though I don't think it is in his nature) and when he feels it is time to move on we can.  

Another trip at this time that is planned is TN next month.  This will be just the kids and I most likely.  But my grandmother whom I have never met and never knew of her existence until 8 years ago hasn't been doing well.  I want to meet her and want her to meet her great grandkids.  So for this purpose I hope the Neon doesn't sell, but yet I need it to sell so I can finish paying off my truck.  I have been selling everything I can think of to pay off the truck I finally found that felt "right".  It is a dually crewcab and even overall matches the RV.  Can't wait to see it all together.  But the crew would be much roomier but not as fuel effecient as the neon.  So kinda sixes really I suppose.  But honestly if the Neon would sell I would feel a little more breathing room in the bill dept and the much needed trip to TN I wouldn't feel like it was money that could be used elsewhere when a woman I talk with weekly could pass away and me never meeting her.  I just have to keep repeating to myself we are almost there!  I KNOW when the RV is paid off I will feel a HUGE relief as will Carl.  Right now it is a huge chunk of our finances every month, but we want it paid and when we decide to get this fulltime on the road we can do so w/o that bill hanging over head.

the kids are enjoying the trips out of the RV right now to come visit my sister or just the day drive like to Darby MT as a family and officially cannot wait til we get more fulltime.  I feel like we still have so much to do, but in the end I know it will all come together.  The cat is upset by the time we return after 3 days and the kids make me enter first as he will maul the first entry;0)  We have learned Salem is a stress eater.  Normally a full bowl of food takes him about a week to finish, well by the time we return from a 3 day stint the bowl is nearly empty.  he likes his humans around and he travels well, but I don't see bringing him on short trips esp where the dog is easier to bring than a cat.  He is more like a dog than a cat it is almost humorous.  He plays fetch and if you tell Paige to load up he has jumped in the car himself a few times.  Straight out of the steps of the RV into the car.  he has no desire really to be outdoors which is good that he is content inside.  I don't like outdoor cats mainly I think because of Carls allergies so when I find one he can live with I don't want to chance something happening and we lose that one special kitty that can live with us.  Not to mention with Ingers environmental allergies who knows what outdoors he would drag back!  So my cats when we find one that can live with us and really Freya bless her heart I miss her and thank her for helping tame Carls serious allergy to cats.  He still can't do a ton of cats at once nor can he do certain breeds such as the siamese, but she helped him a lot.

Ok well it is getting daylight so I will turn off the ramblings in my head as I proofread I see one thing has led to something totally different.  The brain of a Gemini I suppose.  Have a blessed day.

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