Thursday, March 12, 2009

ST. Patricks Day

This is actually a hard time of year for me.  Dad passed away March 16, 2003.  Not but 2 weeks before Benjamin turned 3.  Ironically enough he became my father just as I was around 3 yrs old and left this realm of my life as my last child was turning 3.  I miss him much I can't describe the feeling of losing a parent.  those that have know what I am talking about.  

LOL I can't think of St. Pattys day w/o thinking of him.  We would always tell him we were going to pinch him because he wasn't wearing green.  Every year though he would pull out a dollar bill from his wallet that ironically enough was in his back pocket OR my favorite that until he died grossed me out and now my kids say sick... he would say if we dug in his belly button we would surely find some moldy green lint.  I find humor in it now, but at the time thought he was sick for suggesting it.  Most of my family heritage is Irish and Cherokee.  Not sure what else but those are the most talked about.  Carls side is Norwegian and Irish.  So our children have lots of Irish for sure running thru their veins.

It has been tradition we watch the John Wayne movie The Quiet Man every year.  Carl drinks his Guinness Stout...too dark for me, but he enjoys it.  We have corned beef and cabbage...gotta have them greens.  I just wish we didn't have cabbage sometimes as Benjamin is gaseous.

Unless you've been hiding under rock over the past few years, you have probably noticed that St. Patrick's day has been celebrated with increased zeal each time it rolls around. Celebrated on the 17th March (sometimes it is moved by the church, though will not be again until 2160), the date is said to be that of St. Patrick's death and is a national holiday inn Ireland. But what does the celebration really mean today?

Religion. For many, St. Patrick's Day still has many religious connotations and is an opportunity for Catholics to attend mass. If the 17th happens to fall on a Friday, some bishops allow the privilege to eat meat from which Catholics usually abstained. In terms of religion himself, St. Patrick was a Christian Missionary abroad and subsequently taught other Christians the best way to preach to pagan cultures. He is said to have converted thousands to the faith.

Green. Interestingly, St. Patrick was actually more famed for wearing blue. Instead, the relationship between the modern celebration and the colour green is said to have derived from the phrase 'the wearing of the green', which means to wear a shamrock (a long-time sign of Irish nationalism). St. Patrick often used the shamrock as a symbol to demonstrate the holy trinity during his preaching to non-Christians.

Alcohol. Today, St. Patrick 's Day is widely associated with drinking typically Irish alcohol, including: whiskey, Guinness stout, Baileys Irish Cream, and Irish Coffee. Realising the great potential of the tradition making increased sales in Irish goods, alcoholic drinks marketers have tried to promote their brands with particular incentives on and around the 17th March year on year. Guinness seems to have led the way, with merchandise and token schemes successfully enticing many revellers to drink excess amounts of the famous dark stout in celebration.

Parade. Many cities across the world host their own St. Patrick's Day parades. In the UK, the largest goes through Birmingham, but London and the small Scottish town of Coatbridge also have their own. In Chicago USA, the river is dyed green, and in 1966 environmentalists protested at the tradition affecting the river's goldfish population, forcing the ingredients of the dye to be changed. The volcanic island of Montserrat, which was founded by Irish refugees, also celebrates the 17th as a national holiday.

Here is our St. Pattys Day fun I rec' this in email so no clue where it originated, but looks fun and educational:

St. Patrick's Day Internet Scavenger Hunt


  1. Birthday Express History of St. Patrick's Day Page--
    • What tragic event happened to St. Patrick as a teenager?
    • What did Patrick say the three leaf shamrock symbolized?
    • Nearly every business is closed in Ireland on St. Patrick's day, except what?
    • What does "green" stand for?

  2. St. Patrick's Profile--
    • Young St. Patrick was called "Succat." What does that mean?
    • After he was baptized, he was called Patricius. What does that mean?
    • How many U.S. Presidents have had Irish heritage?
    • When and where was the first American celebration of St. Patrick's Day?

  3. St. Patrick's Day Customs and History--
    • When is St. Patrick's Day celebrated?
    • What does that date stand for?
    • When was St. Patrick born?

  4. St. Patrick's Day--
    • The tradition Irish greeting is "top of the morning to you." What is the correct response?
    • What does the Irish word "luchorpan" mean?
    • What do leprechaun's supposedly spend their time doing?
    • Supposedly, how tall are leprechauns?
    • What gift is a person supposed to receive if they kiss the Blarney stone?

  5. St. Patrick's Day Word Search--
    • Print out the Word Search Puzzle and solve. 

    Here are some links I found while browsing and thought they will be interesting addition to the above:


Good Luck!! 

I hope it works... 

May there always be work for your hands to do; 

May your purse always hold a coin or two; 

May the sun always shine on your windowpane; 

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain; 

May the hand of a friend always be near you; 

May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.  

SOOOOO May the Luck of the Irish be with You:0)


Kathy B! said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your dad. That must leave a permanent hole in your heart...

What a terrific list of St. Patty's stuff you've accumulated. My kids thank you very much : )

Anonymous said...
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Renee said...

I am glad you will be able to make use of the list:0) The kids have had fun with it.

The loss of a parent does leave a mark, yes you move on with life, but it is different and when those "little" anniversaries come around where each year gets easier, they are still hard. For me coping I purchase a rose a year and add it to a vase and a couple shots of tequila in his memory:0).