Monday, March 9, 2009

Craigslist Beware

Ok well  first off I am a HUGE new fan of Craigslist esp their barter section and it appears to be big for fellow Montanans.  I have been putting my number in the listings because I know many check emails at friends or the library and the option to make a call or text is simpler.

Well as of this morning I am now getting solicited calls rather than just a few scam emails like before.  Comes from an unavailable number, a msg is left from a "Jacob Reed" of Longwood Inc a 501 (c) call back number being 866-326-0950 and they say to have a match for my car listed.  Ok yes I have a car listed, but this still sounds rather fishy.  So a simple google search and the first several were on this very scam.  One posts even they called and chatted with a lady "Jennifer" and "Jacob" wasn't available.  The deal is for $199 they will sell your car and if they don't sell it for your asking price they will refund $170!  Some reports came in from people on craigslist with listings but not for cars so they became instantly suspicious as the msg stated "their car for sale".


So I suppose moral of the lesson here is nothing is safe anymore and gaurd everything as if you won't have it tomorrow.  I just felt I should blog this so others know about it I am sure things like this and fake money (stories I heard on the ID news last week lots are going around) are going to become more and more the norm than ever before with this recession.  

have a blessed day

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