Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wedding saga

Well without going back and looking I am not sure where I left off with the wedding details!

Carl proposed to me to remarry him 2 yrs ago:0) I said on our 15th year. Well this is our 15th year and I really haven't looked at much but had an idea of what I wanted but not really. You would think having as long as I have had, and being a wedding photographer I would know exactly what I wanted...haha you are funny.

BUT this weekend was the Wedding conventions in both Bozeman and Helena MT. Both had many things to look at. I do think things are coming more together. I have found a seamstress here in Helena and had my consult with her this morning and I think we have gotten my dress at least figured out:0) I know we are doing sleigh rides (snow dependant of course) and working on location which my seamstress brought up what sounds like an awesome location today so I will be checking it out. Now to work on what I want for the bridal party to wear. I need to find a High Priestess in the event the one we want from CO can't make it...which I hope she can;0)

We are having a Winter Solstice handfasting: December 21, 2009, 1 maid of honor and 2 bridesmaids, 1 flower girl, There is this lady I believe in Bozeman...maybe it was Ennis not sure without looking it up but makes beautiful paper flowers and they look beautiful and so real. We will be looking into that. I am sure Carl will do his cowboy attire only this time he and Benjamin (the ring bearer) will wear long tailed coats. I am sure if we can talk him into it Carls old Army buddy from GA for his bestman if not he has a couple great guy friends in CO next in line and since their wives will be part of my wedding side it works out:0)

Ok here is the dress. The red sections will remain the same, the gold will be sage in color and I haven't decided for sure but the cape will either be sage or black with fur trim.

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