Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hats off to Benjamin!!!!

WOOHOO FINALLY!!! With LOTS of exhausting work Benjamin today has officially passed a 3rd and even bordering on a 4th grade word recognition test!!!! If you are new to my blog and haven't had a chance to read around here Benjamin is high functioning aspergers syndrome child! He is 8yrs old 2nd grade due to having to repeat 1st grade in public school because of social skills and reading levels. He did summer school which honestly aside from keeping his brain active for 4 weeks in the summer at the school was a waste of time....trying to teach him reading last year a waste of time his brain simply wasn't ready!!

I finally put away everything for him as the only thing happening is frustrating crying fits for us both and he teetering meltdowns which this wasn't accomplishing anything productive and only set him up for bad days. This summer as we traveled I noticed he was READING every billboard we passed! I kept quiet and didn't say much at first then as I saw the confidence building I made jokes as I thought you didn't know how to read he would grin. Then he would start to say yeah well I just know these words and now he is wanting to read books like the girls so he can get smart too. He has a goal of wanting to read his HUGE book about John Deere tractors history book and I do feel he is on his way to that goal.

Next level of me staying out of things and allowing him to move at his pace is I have audio books that go along with some of his reading set including the Little House series. Maybe as he reads along with the stories this will further help him in both expression and word recognition. Heres to hoping, but today was most awesome to this moms ears!!

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