Monday, January 19, 2009

I lost the winning lottery ticket

HA got your attention huh??

Seriously though that is how I feel right now:0( I had THIS purse in my hot little hand today!!! I am NOT kidding you, but being not up to date on fancy smancy quality purses I really didn't want to waste the $5 I had in my pocket that was for laundry in case I was wrong. OH but I will NEVER forget the feel of that purse it was sweet! I just window shopped on ebay to see what I was holding and that stupid $3...YES THREE DOLLARS.... purse at the thrift store could have been my car payment!!!!

So the moral of this story is I don't always have to do the dutiful wife thing and provide the family with clean laundry every CAN wait a few days when a $3 investment can be a potential $550 turn around in just days.

Once I realized what I was holding I rushed back to the store with the few dollars hubby had in his pocket for gas since he has 1/2 a tank he can get only for it to be of course GONE because someone else knew what they were holding!

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