Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Protecting" Children and Consumers

Here is what has been found out about this bill
is law now (#110-314), so now everyone is scrambling for clarification on
the fine print and what it all means. Back in August the large
manufacturing companies were the main folks wanting info. Now the mom and
pop shops, individual consumers, and everyone else in-between are starting
to ask questions and the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is now
responsible for enforcing the law and interpreting questions (until or
when/if the courts get involved).

Actions you can do:
1. Call our 2 PA senators and your state representative. They need to know
this is an important issue. Contact info is listed below. To find out your
representative, go to: <> and click on
"email your representative." They are just starting to get phone calls and
realizing how important this issue is so you won't get any answers today but
they need to hear from you. This is talk about trying to amend the bill,
though that will take time, which won't help business in the interim.

1. Senator Arlen Spector (R) - (202) 224-4254

2. Senator Robert Casey (D) - (202) 224-6324

3. Your Representative

2. Call the CPSC. Today, I spoke with a lady by the name of Rocky and she
had more info than most. She said they are starting to get a lot of phone
calls from the 'average citizen' and this is grabbing the attention of the
General Counsel. She also logs the number of phone calls so it is worth the
1 minute to phone. The number for the CPSC is: (301) 504-7923. She is
checking the website daily for updates of interpretations and exemptions to
the law.
3. Though you won't get through with a phone call (they aren't answering
directly right now), the people that are higher up at the CPSC need to hear
what part of the law you don't like (i.e. not being able to buy used
children's clothing at a yard sale, small business, or Goodwill; not being
able to sell books at Used Curriculum Sales, eBay, etc; not being able to
sell or buy used Children's clothing, games, or furniture/appliances). I've
heard they will get back to you but it might be 2-3 weeks. If you don't
care about a phone response but just want them to note your concern, just
leave an email addy. The contact info I was given is:

Marc Schoem at (301) 504-7520 Deputy Director Office of
Compliance and Field Operations
Cheryl Falvey at (301) 504-7642 Office of the General Counsel

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. All of our plates are so
busy homeschooling, but I hope many of you will take a few minutes to make 6
phone calls. I'm scratching my head wondering how a bill like this ever
became law, passing the house 407-0 and passing the Senate 79-13.

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