Thursday, January 8, 2009

did you know???

there is no condition in the USA that if you are on bond like my sister was you are NOT allowed to be in the bar drinking or any intoxicant? and if you are found drinking even in your house you can be tossed back in jail as a breech of your bond agreement.

you have no expectation of a speedy trial just says a trial w/in a reasonable time and that is left up to a prosecutor even if it is 5 years down the road

if you are suspected of some kind crime against another person such as rape...innocent or can be cut off from your family until the courts deems you one way or another.

you can't tape another person w/o their knowledge

the law is never in your favor it is not designed to save you it is designed to convict you

police have legal jurisdiction to lie to you can't lie to them but they can lie to you.

the constitution does NOT say you are not innocent until proven guilty you are guilty until proven innocent by the court.

divorce in montana is not a community property state

montana does not have castle doctrine....if you have the ability to retreat you have to. the self defense rule has never saved anyone in MT...this is where I do love CO...the MAKE MY DAY LAW as it is called there.

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