Thursday, January 8, 2009

CPSIA update in LA Times

Interesting news in today's papers about the new regulation:

Regulators rethink rules on testing children's clothing and toys for lead
The Consumer Product Safety Commission gives a preliminary OK to
exempt some items from testing after complaints of hardship to thrift
stores and sellers of handmade toys.
By Alana Semuels
January 7, 2009
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has given preliminary approval
to changes in new lead-testing rules after complaints that the
measures could have forced thrift stores and sellers of handmade toys
to dispose of merchandise or even go out of business.
Read the rest here:

They are only specifying those items, but are also including language
such as "a broad range of children's products". The law as written
can be applied to all of it. There is a separate pdf file about
whether or not it will be retroactive and they are saying that it will.

Basically everything that is not specifically exempted will be
included in the lead testing requirement. Unless they include
language that it will not apply to resale items, or will not apply to
used, rare or out of print books children's, those items will become
illegal to sell.

Corporate chain resale shops have lawyers looking at this and are
truly poised to close their doors.

WHATS NEXT you can only have this government cheese today??? Come on seriously give me a FUCKIN BREAK!!!! Yes I am livid and even NOBAMA is saying ONLY the government can correct our lives it came out of his mouth yesterday and yeah I am sorry I doNOT need the government!! I had no help in a time I NEEDED it I don't need them now I learned to survive thank you very much. I think the language thing is more that they are not politically correct and they can't control the population if we have knowledge.

While I am on the whole PC language bs the word GAY!!!! yeah maybe this should be a whole other blog on its on but ah well get over it this is my blog after all...well until the government decides I am too offensive to exist here.

It's a regrettable loss of a word which in its previous usage was a delightful and charming human one word HAPPY!!! Ok so if you like the same sex and are "happy" about that great but those of us that like the opposite sex are also "gay" meaning happy! So these bullshit commercials of think before you speak when saying something is so gay is just that BULLSHIT! You want to be a homo that is your business and up to you good for you whatever but leave words to be what they mean and if you are of the same sex and gay (meaning happy for those with simple minds) that is great be gay but I am married to the opposite sex and very gay myself....ummm again for those of simple minds I am HAPPY!!

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