Friday, January 30, 2009

New family member

It's Monday afternoon and I just got done with a fullbody massage and tan when I got a call letting me know that the bride to be needed to reschedule our meeting as her uncle was in the Billings hospital for emergency surgery. As saddened as I was I understood. Not 20 mins later my sister called and said she was making this quick but the dr. said she had developed toxemia and so sent her over to be induced he was a week from due date so close enough and she was at 1/2 cm.

SWEEET nephew on his way:0) make a few adjustments, shop real quick for Carls food for a couple of days, pack up the girls and leave. Carl was sick and didn't want to spread his sick germs to a new baby so he kept Benjamin. I finally left town around 5 p.m. By the time I arrived at 9:30 they had just broke her water and she was at 2cm. We stayed for a bit then headed to a motel down the road which either I was tired or they really weren't too bad...rofl. It was just a super 8 or something all I remember is they offered a medical discount.
Anyhow Tuesday I wake up around 6 a.m. couldn't get to sleep from the excitement of the pending birth of my new nephew until about 2. She was at around 5-6cm at 6 so we slowly get going, eat breakfast pack up the room didn't want to spend another nights money if we didn't have to. Plenty of open rooms if we needed another night. Anyhow knowing she was feeling uncomfortable with us there I didn't want to take the girls back just yet so we shopped around as much as you can in a small Idaho Decided we were bored with that and then around 11 we decided to go ahead and just eat lunch in case. By the time we were checking out and getting out to the parking lot we got the call he was here!! WOOHOO see you in 5 mins. haha it was another hour after we got to the hospital before she was ready to let anyone in. She was nursing, then a shower and they were moving her to another room. Finally we got to see him as he was an hour old!

Donald Lewis Harold White aka Donny was born Tuesday January 27, 2009 at 11:56 a.m. Lewis is after our dad and being as how she lives in Idaho and he loved his potatoes I told her she should name him Tate so I can call him tater! As he approached toddler stage I could call him
 tatertot...rofl and she added tater salad when he was just a bit older than that...rofl this could go on, but fact remains she didn't name him Tate and now I have to figure out how to make the name Donny fit him:0/ So for now I shall call him turtle because that is what my sister thought he looked like when she first looked at his ultrasound and was calling him until she found out she was having a boy. He has the most perfect little baby lips ever!  blond hair yeah maybe I am prejudice because he is my nephew but I think he is perfectly adorable.

Well Tuesday late afternoon we decided to go ahead and stay another night. Turtles dad had to go to work for the over night shift and Lady my sisters dog need a dogsitter so my girls went to stay and dogsit at the house, babys daddy went to work and I stayed at the hospital with my sis and nephew...whom I might add reminded me why I quit having babies....I was a sleep deprived new auntie come Weds morning....rofl. I wanted to try and allow my sister as much sleep as possible knowing once she got home it was all her. He would be content with me for a bit but it was mommy he wanted. She was worried she would drop him into the floor or roll and sleep on him. BTW this is her first and most likely only child. So anyhow everyone shows back up at the hospital they shovel off my car from the foot of snow we got over night and started it so it could warm up. Kids and I leave the happy little family there and went to get lunch at Sonic since we don't have one in Montana at least not in Helena and Bozeman.

OH but this fascinating and exciting trip isn't over. Oh no you think one of my trips can go like that just so smoothly...rofl you don't know my trips do you?? We are driving along having a great time and not but 10 or so miles from my exit my car warning, no overheating, oil is ok nothing no warning. We are going up a hill and the little orange engine light comes on the same time the car just shuts down!!!! THANK GOODNESS FOR AAA ~Now the upsides of this is not but 1/2 mile further up the road we would have lost cell reception we know this because we lost connection with the towtruck driver...whom I want to thank because I just found out today he came in on his day off! I will be calling AAA for a kudos to him. I was an hour one way from the shop reminds me a lot of my own husband who would have and has done a bazillion times imself. It is hard to find a good driver that is dedicated to his job. During out little stay on the side of I-15 we saw a coyote and a bald eagle was comforting to know they were watching over us.

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