Friday, January 30, 2009

Man accused of riding horse drunk

Man accused of riding a horse drunk in storm

Motorist's complaint about the slow-moving road hazard led to arrest

updated 3:12 p.m. MT, Thurs., Jan. 29, 2009

CODY, Wyo. - A man has been cited for public intoxication while riding a white horse during a snowstorm in the northern Wyoming town of Cody.  Police said they cited 28-year-old Benjamin Daniels, of Cody, after they received a call at 4 p.m. Sunday from a motorist who was concerned that a man was creating a road hazard by riding his horse on a street in conditions with poor visibility.

Assistant Police Chief George Menig said officers noticed that Daniels was intoxicated after they stopped him to explain that drivers were having difficulty spotting his slow-moving white horse. Menig said Thursday that Daniels was detained Sunday and released the following day. He will go before a municipal judge later.  A friend of Daniels' picked up the horse. There was no telephone listing for Daniels.

MY THOUGHTS: this guys horse probably knew where it was  I figure some californian that has moved to the area ruining what this part of the country is who called this in.I have some awesome friends from California but honestly when you move to Wy, MT etc because you like the area...don't turn us into your screwed up part of the country.  Though if one is going to ride their horse in a white out I don't think I would ride on a white horse...  LOL and Benjamin is rather popular and has made it on several news stations around the US and peoples blog.  Ok so lets see I know many in Cody that were only cited never detained and one that I know personally was detained and the stupid cops left his car about wasting gas.  Sometimes I wonder if the cops are prejudice in the area??  But then I think back to shows like Andy Griffith and there was some that would sleep it off in their jail cells and walk out the next day always made me laugh.  I don't know on some levels this is a stupid comical news report.  I think what makes me laugh most is Benjamin has made news and blogs nation wide.

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