Friday, January 30, 2009

Mercury turns Direct

Well this explains a lot I forgot we were in a mercury retrograde!!  Now I know why my car  Seriously sounds like a new engine is in order and I guess we are putting a new one in and then maybe sell it.  As much as I loved the idea of a newer car I love my truck and miss driving it.  So after the new engine is in the car...btw I wouldn't consider this option except we are getting a good deal on the engine...anyhow I will drive the neon a bit longer until my truck is fixed and drivable again and has its make over then sell the car.  I am a truck girl and that is all there is to it.

Mercury~Mercury turns direct on January 31 (or February 1 depending on your time zone), and the first Mercury retrograde of 2009 is now officially over. Let the misunderstandings, confusions and fuzzy thinking end and new conversations begin anew!

Mercury turns direct in pragmatic Capricorn, so it's time to get a stable plan together. Finish projects that may have been on hold during Mercury retrograde. Whether it was due a muddy mind, unforeseen delays, someone's non-committal behavior or any other confusion, the barriers should lift now and give way to progress.

The gates have been lifted, encouraging you to charge forward. Whether you want to move ahead with a new job, fresh business venture, creative project, relationship, you name it -- get going! Cosmically speaking, there's nothing stopping you! Mercury's trine to serious Saturn indicates that the support you need is there for you. However, Mercury's wide conjunction to feisty Mars, and a square to the impetuous Aries Moon, caution you to not overreact to anything. As you move forward, let things develop at a sensible pace!

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