Friday, January 30, 2009

Wife Swap tonight

Wife Swap tonight OMG!!!!  I only watched tonights episode in hopes to see it get better, I am so upset actually 

One of the dads is British (promotes environmental biofuels) he is a pompous jackass!  The other dad was a bit old fashioned in he feels women do the "skirt work" as he put it.  They were midwest family into paintballing, ATVing type lifestyle.  The British side really PISSED ME OFF!!!  The wife said she was not a proud american and couldn't help where she was born...ok so leave.  Her husband whom is British came to this country only to put it down from what I saw and had no respect for AMERICAN values he put down everything about being AMERICAN from our national anthem to how those in the mid west live to non supportive of our military!  

Basically the show didn't get better and I am sorry if you feel this way about OUR country go the hell back in which you came from maybe THAT is where your wife belongs as well.  THIS family that live in California is exactly what is wrong with America today!!

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