Sunday, January 4, 2009

Benjamin is doing better

Well after having melatonin...3 hours later he finally fell asleep. We took a little drive to talk just the two of us this morning as he was still feeling down. I told him a story about my dog that got hit when I was a kid and how far worse off her injuries were compared to Cheyenne's and she survived...barely but did. As we were talking he said he still felt bad but maybe she learned a valuable lesson. I told him I think we all learned a valuable lesson in this and it happened for a reason just like anything in life does. Maybe he is right just maybe Cheyenne will never go on the highway's to hoping.

Not much else today. We ran some errands, decided since it was such a beautiful and sunny day out with little to no wind to drive to Bozeman pick up dogfood, see Carl and see what the Corral West there still had as ours here in Helena is pretty much wiped clean! I am going to miss that store. Carl and I's wedding rings and well nearly everything for our wedding came from that store. My first jacket he purchased for me came from Corral West. Benjamin asked today where were we going to be able to buy his Wranglers with them Fortunately we have options in that dept no need to worry.

I have made the official decision to revamp the business and at this point plan to strictly do weddings from May-October. Other times as well if they come up but those are the busiest months it seems. the rest of the year we will focus on family and traveling. I will still do other special sittings for family and friends and customers that I currently have, but I am not going to out and out advertise for everything else. If I am available then great if not I am not going to stress over it. Which is really funny as when I started the business I said absolutely NO first call was for a I still did them not sure I wanted to but did and now I see a way to better fit them into the lifestyle we want more so than everything else. I have another option I am working on and allows me to travel but we will see how things go with the Bridal Affaire in 2 weeks.

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