Sunday, January 4, 2009


WOW my dear oldest daughter was looking thru books at the thrift store yesterday and picked up a couple of Shakespeare's books and asked if she could get them!! Uh duh absolutely if you are going to read them. She is half way done with Hamlet and the other book she picked up was Much Ado About Nothing. She has already read Romeo and Juliet. quiet the change from Anime and I am happy about that. They are fine I suppose for fun reading, but I just don't understand the facination with anime I suppose. Carl likes Anime and I just roll my eyes and say whatever and do my thing. OH and from Twilight she is a serious fan and on the edge of her seat awaiting the newest book this year sometime Midnight Sun. She has read all so far.

The cd drive for her laptop has been broke for nearly a month and with finances tight between the huge RV payments and Wedding Convention I haven't had the funds to get it repaired. I hope to take care of that this month sometime, but in the meantime she has started reading a lot more w/o my saying hey why don't you read a book you haven't read before.

Benjamin is more and more intersted in reading and starting to read his dictionary just because. Inger got her art kit for Yule and has really been putting it to work and is now working on a science book. School begins for us again on Weds officially so today the little ones are out playing in the snow and Kelda is reading Hamlet.

We are going sledding tomorrow I think if we do I will post a few photos. OH Kelda heard on the radio that Jeff Dunham will be in Bozeman and so badly wants to go all the kids are in love with I am not sure if we will be able to swing it but should be fun if we can. She missed Sugarland this summer due to the forest fire and evacuation that forced us back to Rifle so I do hope to get her to see something this year to replace that missed concert.

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