Friday, January 2, 2009

Benjamins Meltdown

We had a bit of a meltdown issue tonight pretty bad with Benjamin. The neighboring RV that we are on friend terms with have a dog they rescued and has an issue still with sticking around and listening. Well she jumped out of the truck and took off just prior to Inger and Benjamin going out to walk Paige. The guy owner set off to look for her.

After the kids got going Benjamin saw Cheyenne up on the highway and called her not realizing there was a vehicle coming. She came running when he called her and was hit by the UPS guy. UPS btw even though not their fault the dog was in the highway is paying the vet bill. The driver felt absolutely awful. Anyhow bug witnessed it and is blaming himself because he called her. She will be fine but the vet said had Benjamin not helped her back home she never would have survived her pelvis was broken. She is being casted and will be home on Monday.

The owners came to tell Benjamin he was their hero and Cheyennes' because she would have died w/o him. But he just keeps saying yeah I may be a hero but it is my fault she got hit. It is nearly 11 p.m. and he is still up and can't sleep. While in his meltdown I found out he blames himself for Sage jumping the fence and getting hit by the car 3 yrs ago. I was at work and never knew until tonight he was outside and saw the whole thing. Tonight brought all that up for him. I am getting tired but I can't sleep yet knowing how he is feeling.

This on top of I think he has been sleep walking again. He sleeps fine with me but when Carl comes home and he is sleeping in his normal place we noticed this past week he was up 7 times in one night.

Alright nigh hope everyone had a great week.

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