Thursday, December 25, 2008

Here is Inger December 25th 2008 making an igloo. I will post photos when she finishes. We ended up in Bozeman where the storm is extreme. We went all of no more than 45 mph as the visability was awful. What is normally a 3 hour round trip took us 5.5 hrs! I had 2 rockstars so now yeah can't sleep even having taken my thyroid meds which normally make me exhausted.

We have had an awesome week.

Kelda had her hair done yesterday and actually likes it! Did her shopping with her birthday money.

Kelda got a new ENV2 with a built in MP3 player, earbuds and micro sd card for it, shirt, Twilight book (she has all the audios but got this book prior to getting the audio collection of all 4 books), a plaque to not give on your dreams, phone/wallet case, $35 gift card, anime cartoons DVDs.

Inger got a new dress, kid makeup, penguin sock slippers, books, art kit, homemade cookies from Kelda, purse, digital camera, jewelry, $35 gift card

Benjamin got a wind up tractor set (it is an OLD european john deere where it is all metal has the different implements to attach and a working gear box where you use the key to wind it up and then the gear shift to control the speed. is really cool will have to post a photo later), PBR checkers, $35 gift car, bolo tie, PBR wallet, PBR ballcap, light up snowman spin globe thing, cookies from Kelda, and I think that is it OHHH he also got a Worlds FUTURE Championship belt buckle. Kelda gave him her old phone which has a camera and he is in heaven with that thing. A clock and camera he can't put it down.

Carl got some really good thick railroad socks for extra comfort and warmth seeing as how most of his work is outdoors and we apparently are having a normal FRIGID winter this year. A multi purpose hood/stuff bag, gloves and a couple of books.

Me jewelry, cookies, a moose candle holder, and a month of unlimited tans, a new cellphone same as Kelda's I got excellent deals ...and my car if you want to consider The phones I went in with a complaint on my phone yet again and they were looking at my account and said you know you are both due for an upgrade and we have a one day awesome special and it was buy one get one free. Normally pay $130 for a $400 phone and get a $50 refund. Well since we were both due for upgrades I only had to pay $50 and I get that back in a refund!! So basically both phones were free and kelda got her MP3 player which we were about to go buy afterwards. sooooo I am glad I went in to have my phone looked at again.

Kelda and I spent the night last night making and uploading new ringtones for our new phones. I think that is it.

We went out to a local resturant for their dinner buffet this year wasn't the best food. We have a ham but seeing as Carl had to be back to work this evening we didn't want to spend the day in the kitchen. We had a nice pancake and bacon breakfast that Carl and I cooked and we then watched the traditional Christmas Story.

Now it is snowing brrr yuck! alrighty hope everyone enjoyed the day with their families and if you are traveling be safe.

Love to all and I am grateful for your friendships
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