Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Cream and Life

Well it has been an interesting week or so. Finally got the furnace repaired so life on that end got better. Then due to no furnace the pipes froze up when the main water supply was shut down when another rig froze up. No notice was given so we didn't get to prepare. So we just waited until the furnace was repaired to thaw things out and turn back on. Only 4 days we survived naturally since as you see I am here typing this...lol. We thawed out nicely in about 1 1/2 hours with one of those wonderful 75,000 BTU propane forced air heaters....ahhh that is on my christmas list let me tell ya!! I don't think we would have thawed out without it.

Anyhow in light of the recent new snow thought I should list a couple of snow cream recipes really is fun this time of year. Funny how when it is cold out I crave icecream. don't ask it doesn't make sense to me either.

School we have more or less taken the month off from school and will start back up after the new year. The kids have kept busy helping me business wise, doing their own shopping, baking so there was still plenty of education in life going ons to keep their brains occupied. Not to mention they are always reading something.

Snow Cream Idea...
Put a big bowl (metal if you have it is great keeps things cold a little longer) outside when it's snowing to collect snow. Mix in Sweetened Condensed Milk... I don't know how much, just to proper consistency add vanilla and enjoy!

You can also do the whole bowl thing then add regular milk, sugar and vanilla either way works awesome.

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