Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sooooo yeah Teenagers

ARGH!!!! pulling hair out I can't even list her as a kid topic any longer I will have to start a thread JUST FOR the topic of TEENAGERS. I went from being the best mother of the day for letting the little ones have candy for breakfast to mom I am not ready to come home I am not even out of bed yet what do you mean you are coming to get me?! It is no shock to many that know our family that Kelda and I have ALWAYS ALWAYS butted heads since the moment she was born. I love her I really do but I tell ya what we are so much alike we don't only tolerate each other! I try to keep in check the things I HATED that my mother did and avoid them at all cost.

She has always been very mature, independent etc. In many respects this spoiled me for the other 2 even now at 11 and 8 are no where near Kelda, but probably more age appropriate. Lately however she has frustrated me to no end acting very immature and wanting to break out going totally punk/goth and a crappy attitude! Now mind you I feel I am very open minded and have allowed the whole black clothing, darker than I would like to see anime (though there has been issues over it in which their father says I should leave it alone), she would love to dye her hair all sorts of colors primarily black and red. The one thing her father did say absolutely not with her attitude as of late.

Anyhow Halloween night she wants to go TT with her friend and spend the night, against my want to allow but her father says I should let her go so fine ok yeah whatever go. Halloween is only a huge night for our family, but I let her with the understanding that she was NOT spending all the next day (today) over at her friends house I would be there about 10 a.m. to pick her up. Ok no problem mom I will be up and ready. I called about 10:15 knowing she most likely wasn't up. Yup I got on the other end of the phone in a whiney voice she KNOWS better than to use with me that she isn't even up yet! So I tell her I will be there in 20 mins that should be plenty of time to get up and be ready. But knowing she is a teenager I decided to go to Walmart and pick up some quick items I needed to give her more time. I get there a shade after 11 called her as I was coming around the corner that I was there she says she is ALMOST ready!! argh yeah lets go.

So we get home and the attitude continues. So I tell her I think she could use some fresh air take her dog out and spend time with her, but to leave her cellphone inside so I know she isn't texting rather than spending quality time with the dog. She goes out not happily but goes. I look around to discover her phone is not anywhere to be found. I question her about this when I called her in for dinner. I got well I took it so you could just call me for dinner...ummm well yeah if I told you to leave it why would I call you knowing it was suppose to be inside!

So now she has lost her phone for at least a week and if she tunes me out any further with plugging her ears with her headphones and cd player she will lose that too. She has high potential being able to graduate at 16 if she would simply apply herself rather than fighting me every step of the way. So needless to say she is going to work with her father tomorrow so we can get to the bottom of things...I hope!


Kris Lazy said...

And this would be why Haley doesn't have a cell phone. This whole goth/weird hair/bad attitude thing sounds just like Haley. I hear they get better around 16, but I think whoever told me that was just trying to make me feel better as I probably looked exhausted and on the edge. I'm just glad to hear that other parents are saying no and taking things away. From what Haley tells me all the other parents in the whole world are nice to their kids, say yes all the time, and let them go wherever they want.
Hang in there with me!

Renee said...

She originally got the phone when I was working corporate because she was watching the little ones for about 30mins after school while they were still in public school in colorado because we haven't had a home landline in years. Never until about 7 months ago have we had an issue with the texting to tune me out attitude. Oh and you betcha she gets grounded and things taken away. I inform her every time I get attitude these little things are a privilege not a necessity and can be taken away. We shut her phone off the last time she got like this and recently a couple months ago gave her Carls phone when the company finally did phones with the same carrier as it was pointless for him to carry around 2 phones. There are days I honestly feel Inger lately is the more mature of the 3, but I don't want to see that because she is my baby girl. I really wish I could sell them to the gypsies again, but Kelda called me on it as we were packing when corporate transferred me to the wyoming/montana area from colorado that we lived like gypsies anyhow so what would it matter....yeah ok got me. I don't know about that whole 16 thing but we shall see. Maybe it is because they were the independent ones that they are acting out now??? Think I would have rathered dealt with this crap when they were younger and easier to figure out what to do and how to handle.

I am so glad we found each other again I have missed you.