Friday, October 31, 2008

Samhain Blessings

Well our favorite day of the year has finally arrived. Funny thing is this year aside from the pumpkin carving and reasons we celebrate Halloween we haven't really decorated like normal. So much has gone on and changes to life are on a daily basis. Today is also warmer so far than Halloweens pasts. Shall see if that keeps up or will go traditionally cooler and threats of snow.

Today has been crazy already. I got up early showered made sure all was in order with my resume as the mall is searching photographers and assistants for Santa Photos. I really want to go but something feels like it is holding me back. I said I would be in town on Wednesday they want information sooner. They really don't want me to email them a copy and show my work that way as they want to meet me in person...understandable. So with the hardest part done why am I not there? I can easily work this schedule around dispatching when we return to Bozeman....errr where ever we are moving. I mean if we go so I can go to this meet up so I can hand deliver my resume and show samples of my work AND we would already be in town for Samhain meeting tonight with our pagan group which my heart yearns for again this year. Our meetings are so invigorating and I am always so full of energy for hours afterwards. I think it comes down to finances that is stopping me even knowing going for this interview could bring in extra cash for a month. Also the kids would miss everything they were hoping to attend here locally.

Kids have already all been up since early didn't go to sleep until midnight as they wanted to welcome Samhain come in. They have most of their costume already on...even dressed up Paige in her Lady Bug outfit. Thru all of this already they were fighting so I said don't make me mad so early in the morning or we do nothing today. Life suddenly for some reason got quiet....guess they want to do things later. Aside from our regular Samhain traditions we are not doing school today.

I will post photos later of my little goblins. Until later.....

Samhain Blessings

May the light of the Goddess shine bright for the coming year.
May you forget and forgive so that you may grow and move forward
to the bright new beginnings.

Brightest of Blessings to all the coming New Year.

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