Sunday, November 2, 2008

Phew it's not me....but I still get blamed

I woke with a horrible migraine. I am near puking stage and the world insists on continuing...where is this fair in the world of mothers?

Carl took Kelda to work with him as we agreed for today. Turns out her issues stem from him working so much the past 7 weeks to help out at work as well as help our finances. So she is fighting me to stress everyone out so that maybe he will tell his boss he can't work so much. Told you she wasn't stupid ~pain in my ass yes!! But very frustrating none the less. She is making life miserable for me so that I complain to her father the bs she is pulling so he is stressed thinking he needs to find another job that is less demanding. Sad thing is no matter what job he finds he makes them a demanding job that is just the type of person he is. He is a hard worker and wouldn't know what to do with himself if he wasn't working.

She doesn't understand that he has to work a few more really hard long months so we can pay off the RV and aside from Ingers medical we will finally be virtually debt free aside from your monthly basic bills. She thinks the hours upon hours I spend on the computer is for fun...yeah I wish. It is primarily working so that I can help take some of the load off her father. So basically he is and will aways be king and I will always be the one that she will push the buttons on and make go totally insane.

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