Sunday, November 2, 2008

Retrieving files from formatted SD cards

Where these photos fortunately weren't customers photos they were special and important. They were of MY own families memories from a recent fieldtrip and Samhain night. I had transferred them to my external harddrive filed them like I do everything. I verified before I pulled out the SD card and every file was there. I went back last night only to discover NOT ONE transferred!!!! CRAP now what I have already reformatted the card???!!!!

So googling I went and came across this link from a forum that saved my precious memories:

Best part is it was free. There is a paid version and I haven't checked into the particulars, but it was easy to use and had this been a paying customer would have saved my life. RVing I decided to just back up to an external harddrive and not disks too. Guess I might have to do disks too as a safety precaution. Only one problem it appears my cd/dvd burner isn't working for some odd reason! Worked just the other night. Will play disks and such but is not burning to them. I do have 3 different programs on my computer for burning and I just read that if you have more than one you could mess things up. So I am going to choose which one is the least used and toss. Only thing is each offer something different that the other doesn't offer and they were all on the computer for months so I am confused. BUT it is VISTA...yuck! I am giving serious considerations of going to a MAC. Sad part is by the time I paid what I did for this laptop earlier this year a few hundred dollars more and I could have gotten a nice Macbook:0( Only I didn't have a dealer locally to know this. It wasn't until I went to Billings that I discovered this sad fact.

Ah well maybe next year after the RV is paid off the kids will inherit this one and I will upgrade to a MAC, which will upset Kelda but I suppose she will get over it...maybe.

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