Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pagan Homeschool

Pagan Moonbeams~ Novembers pdf copy We LOVE this monthly themed site that is sent to out email box.

Pooka's Sandbox~ this should be their Samhain file.

Women's Journeys > Love and Growth > Pagan Home...

Sacred Grove Academy A TON of sites to check out.

Pagan Homeschooling - Great page with lots of articles and resources!

Pagan Children, Acorns Newsletter

Spiral Scouts - Paganism's answer to Boy and Girl Scouts!

Homeschooling Outreach for Pagan Families

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page

Moondreamer Magick - A Pagan Homeschool

Goddess Moon Circles Academy - An online Pagan private school and a Pagan-based curriculum developed by and for Pagan families

Pagan HEN Home Education Network

Pagan Parenting and Homeschooling Not Pagan per se but is pretty nature based and a lot of Pagans are known to use them for an organized curriculum.

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