Sunday, October 12, 2008

Never Give Up!!

It is cold and snowy out so it is a good day to spend indoors and blog, surf the net or what have ya. So this blog may get bogged down today. Carl has been busy off and on all night and got his first call of the day just before 8 this morning to winch someone out and while doing that he saw a big rig RV go across 4 lanes and nearly take out a few cars!! One was barely missed and only because they turned in time. Some days he really dislikes his job, but does feel good when he can help someone and they are appreciative. Ok to get todays blog rolling see below.

Oh my way to early to be bawling like a baby but this video made me cry. Having a son with Aspergers this video really touched me. A true story of NEVER give up. I love stories like this that make me want to try even harder. I know my son is very smart but some days I wonder about him. Some days I think we need to get some land and a tractor that is all he wants. He still chats about bullriding but what he really wants is tractors and I wouldn't be one bit suprised if he isn't a future farmer of some sort. His current goal is to learn to read better so he can do his own form of history....he has a history book of John Deere tractors and HE wants to read it without help:0)

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