Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moving Soon

Carl is being transferred back to Bozeman to have the "Dream Team" as his boss puts it back together. So where we are finally in a larger space at what could be considered a sardine park and was hoping to skirt and insulate before old man winter set in we will have to wait another month. We have gone ahead and hooked up the water and sewer finally. Carl was putting it off until we moved to this spot so not to have to drain and such knowing we were moving soon. Carl starting now is working 7 days a week until we move to allow his boss to be here in Helena to get people hired so Carl can start training before we move. When I told the kids fearing the worst reaction from them Inger simply said "sooooo what you are telling me is we are going to have more mall time" rofl never know what is coming from her mouth next I tell ya.

School is coming right along. Kelda has spent the past couple of days at her friend BJ's house. They hit up the library, baked cakes and it sounds like attempted to stay up all night and play video games. We don't have games so it was a treat with something she doesn't get unless at a friends house that has a game system. Benjamin has really been a reading machine so I am not forcing math or anything else right now. He is interested in reading so letting him go full steam ahead. Inger and her drawing are getting better by the day. We are still awaiting her books so she has been doing misc. stuff we come up with online, print outs, reading, book reports and such.

I picked up a stabilizling stand for the hitch pin under the rv up front. I love this dial a deal thing they have here for 10 mins in the morning on the talk radio station. People from around town call or email in items they have for sale. Often at great deals. Anyhow I got the stand and 2 sets of tire covers for $20 total!! The stand alone is a good $90 or so. It was old snowbirders that decided to sell the RV and settle down into a stick built due to their age. So anyhow we are getting more gear together needed for our new RVing life. I missed the slide out jacks he had but that is ok.

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