Saturday, September 27, 2008

Older than 10 years old!!

Can you believe at some campgrounds if your RV is older than 10 years of age that you can be turned away for a place to park your wonder Walmart has so much RV business... aside from the fact they are typically welcoming of RVers, but I think inviting myself for an entire winter is a little imposing not to mention a pita. I want to park the RV get it skirted and not mess with it again to move until spring. At least this year....

My husband is being transferred back to Bozeman MT. I called the local KOA and I was quoted $535/mo PLUS elec, plus cable. Have to fill out a credit application and then was asked the age of my RV. Then told oh well we don't typically allow anything older than 10 yrs old, but you can bring it by and we will let you know if you can stay!!

I made a comment he was the first to say something like that as far as the age and kinda shocked. I was told that ALL reputable RV parks were that way now. I told him that was funny because the park we are staying in can't stay empty no sooner than one is pulling out someone is pulling in. They had a wait list at all times and that a good half of the RV's are 70-80's models. He said oh you are staying at one of THOSE parks they will be out of business soon. I said yeah I can tell by the fact their park is fuller than yours and kinda left it at that.

I think it was more the tone they took I was not impressed. So from now on I don't care how old my RV is it is within the 10 year age. It doesn't look bad, is in good condition insde and out so why should it matter??

You are probably wondering did I find anything.... I found a place in Manhattan so I guess that will be our next stop for the winter.

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