Saturday, September 27, 2008

Freya's Gone:0(

Well with us fulltime RVing and Freya's new desire to be outdoors we felt it best to find her a new home:0( sniff sniff. She will be missed but it appears she has gone to a well fit home. They live on an acre of land and right next to a large alfalfa field...lots of mice eattings there for her!! She will be missed but never forgotten. After all it is because of her Carl seems to be past his cat allergy for the most part. She left a couple days ago and seems happy. Has chosen to not be indoors really but they are in a position to allow her to go where she wishes. I know it is what was best for her but doesn't mean it was easy. I thought for sure she was with us for life.

Salem hasn't a care in the world and very content indoors. So unless now with Frey frey gone unless Carl starts to have reactions again Salem will remain our one and only cat. He will be a year old the end of October:-) He is a creature of comfort and loves to be loved on oh and he loves to play fetch with pens and pencils! He will bring the pencil back to be tossed He has this most adorable purr meow combo that is real loud that he wants to play and once you play with him life is grand in his world.

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