Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New RV

View from door. Kelda reading on couch and Patches chilling as usual.

I haven't felt well the past week or so. Came on gradual and every morning I felt well I didn't feel awful so probably tomorrow it will be gone...guess not. I have been off my thyroid meds for nearly a month due to I couldn't find anyone local that carries it. I still had my iodine so that was at least something but the body aches are really settled in from the lack of meds. I had to special order the meds at the healthfood store as I haven't found a health practioner here that carries it. Funny thing is I got sent to a vet in Glenwood Springs while in CO. I said now just because I am a pet photographer doesn't mean I need to get my meds from a vet (though some days I think they are better than traditional docs). lol we at least had a good laugh over it. But even the vet was out and was placing his order but it wasn't to be in until after we had left.

Well where I was enjoying no payments on our great cheap find, we decided with this looking to be a coooold and long winter in MT we should get something more 4 season. So we went and purchased a 1992 29ft Avion 5th wheel. Very nice actually and after we get it set up we will post photos (I forgot to take before photos so may not be able to get the outside view considering it is already set up in the RV park and a tight spot at the moment.. I really didn't want payments but we got a good deal as it is $4000 under bluebook and our down was the trade of the other rv so not a bad deal so far. It has wood floors in the kitchen, oak cabinets (thru out the rv), built in microwave, 1 slide out, decent bath compared to some I have seen, more inside storage than I remembered from the first time we looked at it, AC ~though I have a feeling we won't be using it too much at the current as it is only 39 degrees this morning...lol. Anyhow where I didn't want payments I am definitely loving the new RV. Goal is to have it paid off by late spring before we start hitting the road:0)

View from kitchen

Paige our blue princess is kinda nervous...from our moving from one rv to the next in a short time. You see started out in our old truck slide in camper. It was oversized so I thought well we can survive for awhile...yeah not!~~ was great for weekend getaways, but NOT fulltime for our size family, but we made due. Well for the summer anyhow so that is something and we were so busy most of it we weren't really home. As the summer suddenly chilled off and we were inside more we decided maybe something larger. Found our other 2nd rv for $500 the guy said the furnace and fridge didn't work and it was old so that is all he was asking for it...cool both easy fixes and for financial costs we would improvise for the winter if need be...but a 28ft 5th wheel felt like a mansion compared to the old truck camper so we would work around those issues. Got it all set up and the fridge did indeed work ($1500 already saved)!! So definitely excellent purchase. Never checked out the furnace though. The cats seem to like it so far, and Patches as long as her girl Kelda is near she hasn't a care in the world where we are.

Then we were told by a friend her brother was trying to sell his avion due to the payments being high and he was ready to move into a house again after 4 or so years living in it to try and save money to purchase something he wanted in Bozeman MT...hard place to purchase in like Jackson Hole or other resort towns. So we looked, chatted awhile, went home thought it over and with our first snow we felt how chilly it was in the old '73...our little electric heater kept the chill off, but we started to fear the what ifs of what can be harsh montana winters and felt it might just be better to bite the bullet now and just upgrade. So that is what we did.

HOWEVER this sudden change in plans has changed our going to Idaho Falls to the museum. Which is sad because we were going partially for Inger as today she turns 11!! I wanted her to be able to say she went to "Egypt" so to speak for her birthday. Something she would never forget. We are still going to try before the exhibit leaves in Nov, but for now it is on hold. We had moved to Bozeman just as it was leaving there last year:0( We made the bat exhibit though...lol.

alrighty it is 7 so unless the kids are really exhausted from working so hard yesterday with the moving from one rv into the next they will be up soon. I am considering french toast...sounds really good this morning esp since I am not so sick today. I am typically not a breakfast person but it is my fav breakfast and being our first morning in the new RV sounds like a treat.

cats chilling on the bed

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