Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 3 and a weather link

From our old blog Monday, September 1, 2008, 10:55 AM

OF RAIN!!! Well it is snowing actually 10 miles from here heading up the mountain. So the south isn't the only wet spot weather watch going on. I do hope they are ok down there though. Our highs today are mid 40's, currently still only 37 degrees. Rain sounds to be lightening up but still raining none the less. Kids are getting bored of tv, books etc they just need out to stretch their legs.

Kelda made pancakes for breakfast and hot tea.

Benjamin slept in his insulated coveralls because last night he started walking around sniffing the air and said it was going to snow...I laughed at him but sure enough 10 miles away it had started snowing!

Inger is drawing away but said she would love to go outside but not until it ever quits raining.

All of this rain definitely put the rv to the test and so far we are all dry:0) thats all that matters right? With this rain I decided to catch up on some of my forums and someone posted a cool link to watch the weather as it unfolds in different regions of the US.

Mosaic Weather Map

I have come across a lot of great links, reading up on VP Palin and thinking where I don't much care for McCain I am actually liking this woman from what I have read so far and believe me I have been doing lots of reading. I will post a ton of links for anyone interested in a new blog.

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