Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hear what happened when O'Reilly visited the 'The View' this morning? 

Behar and Goldberg walked off the set! 

I am soooo not a Joy Behar fan anyhow and 

really don't watch the View like I use to as everything seems to be one sided, 

but was sent this and was like WOW.

Seriously???  Definitely not professional what they did 

and from what I am gathering didn't have the support of 

the audience behind them.

Personally I think Bill was one brave man to even sit there between 

those blood thirsty hosts that only like those that value THEIR opinion!

I am however anxious to check out the new talk show hosted by Sharon Osbourne

and other Celeb moms: The Talk


Ami said...

I once called Joy Behar a pop-eyed braying jackass on my blog.

I believe I used the term fuckwitted harpies to describe the cast, too.

And since this is your blog, if my language is a bit over the top for you, please feel free to delete the comment.


Renee said...

Tell it like it is:)

I use to enjoy the show but yeah I think you said it as nicely as it could be said. I call her Joyless the blood sucking viper but ya know whatever works to each his own! I don't know why the young blonde is still on there she is so out numbered they must be paying her big bucks to stay so it doesn't look like they are all one sided lol.

Hoping the new "The Talk" show isn't like this I would like to watch a talk show again...been awhile since there has been a good one out there. Seems all the good ones go nutso or off the air