Thursday, October 14, 2010

1 week down

Well today has been one full week of radiation treatments.  

Fatigue has set in heavily, getting harder for him to get up in time to be at his 10:15 appts.

and he desires sleep when we get home after he eats lunch

This is complete role reversals

I am not use to being up before he is!!

Esp since I go to bed/sleep later than him its my only quiet time...

We knew this new chapter would bring 

new roles and all I can say is I am glad

our kids are older and not extremely young

Business seems to be picking up a bit which is great!!  

Too bad the sessions are still a couple weeks out yet

but that is ok they will be here soon enough

Hoping we found a place come November shall see how that plays out

so 1 week down 4 1/2 yet to go for rads

he will be on herbals much longer

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